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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Pet Blogger Challenge 2017

Hello Furfriends! It's time for our annual blogger challenge, deep breath - and we're off!

Join the Pet Blogger Challenge Jan 7th, 8th and 9th
  1. When did you start your blog and what does your blog provide?
    We started blogging in June of 2014, so it's been over two years now which is soo crazy! This blog started out as a catalog of our fun filled doggy adventures which is where we got our name. "D" is for Dante, "Z" is for Ziva - Dante and Ziva's Adventures! I also thought it sounded kind of like a good superhero comic book title.  Our blog has since grown to become a resource, we have lots of training tips in our topic section like our Recall Games and for a while we were doing a Trick Training Challenge. Our goal for our readers is to provide entertainment while encouraging our readers to never quit training and working with their dogs, we also want to encourage health and exercise as well as responsible dog ownership.

  2. What was your proudest blogging moment of 2016?
    This one's a hard one! Honestly I think our proudest moment was trying to start a blog hop. It failed, we didn't get anyone to join us in our trick training challenge, but we tried and received a lot of support from our readers and our facebook audience. I think it was a bit too high of a bar for people to learn a new trick a week, but who knows maybe we'll try a blog hop again someday.

  3. What was your favorite blog post this year?
    Dante's first Flyball Tournament of course!! We trained so hard for it, and he did AWESOME!! For his first tournament we only had one clean run, but he did a great job of staying in his lane and paying good attention to me - so he was a winner in my book! We're pretty sad that Southern Oregon doesn't have a flyball team that we can join, and alas I have no flyball box to work with. But we're hoping that once our house is finished we can maybe save up, buy our own flyball box and maybe start our own team (we'll just have to see what the future holds!) but either way flyball was a great experience and we loved it while it lasted!

  4. How did you increase your blog traffic this year?
    To be honest, this was kind of an off year for us in part due to our move. Our blog traffic was way up, and then our move threw everything off. I wasn't posting regular pictures except on instagram, we had large gaps between posts due to no internet for a while. And working on our property has taken quite a bit of time. But hopefully all of that will change this year!

    We've started a new blog, cataloging our home building adventure (we're building our next home and currently living in an RV with both dogs) - Two Pits In a Pod
    And we've made a lot of new friends thanks to the Christmas Card exchange we took part in!
  5. Which blog post got the most traffic this year? 
    Our most popular post for 2016 was our Training Recall Post.
    Second Place: Trick Challenge Week 2
    Third: Oregon Rain
    Fourth: Training Confessions
    Fifth: Tether Tug Toy
    Sixth: Beadie Baby Ziva
    Seventh: Wait For It
    Eighth: Oregon's Backroads
    Ninth: Disaster Avoided
    Tenth: Things That Go Bump In The Night 
  6. What blog do you find most inspirational and how has it influenced your blog?
    One of our favorite blogs for a long time has been Walks With Rama. My hubby and I personally met Rama's Mama as I love calling her, a couple years ago back in 2014 that story is HERE if you're interested!  Not only do I love Cane Corso's but I love the health journey Shannon has gone on. She's an amazing family woman and loves to hike, she's also very honest with her weight and health struggles. Since I too struggle with weight I love her honest and encouraging posts.  I would say Walks With Rama encourages me to be honest in my own blogging. I hope you head over there and check it out!
  7. What is one thing your readers don't know about you or your pets that might surprise them?
    My hubby and I are major foodies and we love making our own cocktails! My dogs on the other hand are MAJOR food snobs, we feed them a rotational diet not only because it's healthier, but also because if they eat the same thing for too long then they will start snubbing their food! A concept I just don't get.

    They also will hold out for better treats if they know I have it around so I have to be careful what I show/offer them. It's like poker face with the dogs all the time!

  8. What is something you've learned that could help other bloggers?
    Don't obsess over the numbers. Numbers fluctuate, just write how you want to write and what you want to write. Unless you're trying to make money - which I'm not. I just want to share our journey with whoever is interested.

  9. What would you like to accomplish in 2017?
    Since we're building our house - or will be as soon as we have approval from County to start. I'd like to just accomplish a new home before this new year is over. But easier goals include mapping out our new area and finding great hikes for us as a family with the dogs!


  1. Nice "interview". Always fun to get to know others. Good luck on that house!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. I agree about not worrying too much about numbers. I have great months and not so great months, but it all balances out.
    Good luck with your house - that's pretty exciting! I will definitely also check out your new blog.

    P.S.: I love Walks with Rama.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoy our new blog too!

  3. Congratulation on your new home - and how cool that you're also currently living with two dogs in an RV. Welcome to the pack! I also love Walks with Rama, and I agree that focusing too much on your numbers can take the fun out of blogging. Besides, who can guess what might get more traffic?! Some of the posts I think will be duds do well, and the posts I think will be great ... crickets. If I write about what matters to me, I'm always happy with the result.

    So much luck to you in 2017 - and thank you for participating in the Challenge!

    1. Thank you! RV living is definitely a challenge at times, but overall we're doing quite well! Can't wait to have a house again though!

  4. Congratulations on your new home! We moved and started what was supposed to be a 4 month backyard remodel which has stretched into going on 10 months now :( Unfortunately, like you it's put a bit of a damper on my blogging. Best of luck in accomplishing your goals in 2017!

    1. Thank you so much! And good luck on finishing your remodel, things never go the way planned i've been told so fingers crossed this is the last major hurdle for us!

  5. I have tried and failed many times at launching blog hops. I still want to do it because I think it would be so beneficial to my readers to discover new blogs but it's really hard to get it going.

    Congratulations on the flyball (I watched the competitions locally and their amazing) and the new home. We nearly had a home built but we found our dream home in the nick of time. If I win the lottery, I'm having that home built!

    Happy New Year!!!

    1. Thanks! I sure miss flyball, but their is only so much we can do this year. :-) Maybe we could collaborate and try a blog hop again sometime.

  6. Good luck on building. My mom's dad was a builder. Growing up they always were moving into new homes that weren't quite finished but she still loves a brand new home. We actually saw a flyball tournament in November. Man was it crazy! Now we know a bit more about the sport. We love you your blog is about getting dogs out and doing activities!

    1. Thank you Emma!
      We can't wait to move into our home, or at least get it started!


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