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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Time to Hibernate.

Done. Finished, fini, finito, terminado, acabado..

Recently snow levels in our area broke records, in fact this was the most snowfall we've seen in a 24 hour period in our area since December of 1919! 

At first it was fun. 

But now it's just ridiculous!  My poor neighbors were snowed in for a week and a half because their driveway is so steep (we checked in with them and they were doing fine) and then just when we thought we were getting a break in the weather - forecast said rain and 40's... we get this! #weathermandon'tknowwhathestalkingabout 

Thankfully I made a run into the grocery store (I remembered the wine!) and got our laundry done before we were dumped on, so we're fully stocked up, we also picked up groceries for our other neighbor who doesn't drive on snow.

And while we love the snow this doesn't count. It's not fluffy fun snow, oh no, it's cold wet soggy snow! Even Dante agrees with me, he ran outside to potty and then proceeded to stand under our tent with me for a while. I had to shoo him out, he then quickly ran, peed, and bolted straight for our door where he looked at me like I was a mean mom for taking him outside. Poor guy.

The snow continued most of the night, since we're living in the trailer right now we had to keep running outside and knocking the heavy wet snow off of our cover which we set up at an angle to try and lessen the accumulation - that didn't work...but it did make it easier to sweep off!

So we made a decision. Until the yucky wetness is gone, (currently it's slushing outside) we're hibernating!

Snow, snow, go away!


  1. Oh Boy, not fun at all! I hope you get a break in the weather. Very thoughtful of you to get groceries for your neighbor

    1. Thanks Jill! We all do what we can for each other. I love my neighbors.

  2. We are hibernating too.
    No snow here but sure is cold.
    Time for a good pot of soup., stay warm friends.
    Spring will be here soon.

  3. Good decision! Our mom says she is done with it too!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Stay warm boys! Hopefully spring gets here soon


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