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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Day 5 of Snowpocalypse

Dear Diary,

Sunday Day 1 of our Snowpocalypse - The sky has gone mad and is producing tiny little flakes of frozen-ness. My toes are cold.

Monday Day 2 of Snowpocalypse - Apparently it's our long lost friend the snow! We love the snow! 

However things are looking rather bleak, mom is out of wine and it's snowed all day and still isn't stopping!

Tuesday Day 3 of the Snowpocalypse - We had a break in the snow so mom escaped! She said we were nearly out of doggy food, wouldn't that have been horrible?! So off to the store she went (without us) to get our food and some other grocery stuff. I know she came back with salad, I definitely do not want to eat that!

Then she took us outside! We had to wear coats though, and Dante puts on his best sad seal face when mom dresses him. 

But I love wearing my coat and I get super excited jumping and spinning to show mom how excited I am to wear the coat - it keeps me warm and then I can play longer! I love doing zoomies in the snow, tackling Dante, oh and chasing mom's snowballs!

On our last fun adventure of the day, mom took us for a long walk to see how bad our road was. She said she was a bit concerned that Dz Dad might not get home before dark, so we went scouting.

Scout dog Ziva, on patrol!
Isn't it pretty!!

Don't worry, Dad made it home just before dark and we had a snugglefest!

Wednesday day 4 of the SnowpocalypseWhat do you do though when you get a good foot of snow? Make a snow bear of course! 
Today was weird..all the trees were so heavy with the snow they had received all night they started to break! And one tree was totally bent over! Thanks to all the snow, Dz Dad had to stay home from work today - yippee more snuggles! Not only do we live on top of a big hill, but our driveway is really steep so their was no getting out today until it melted off some. Mom said thankfully the sun did come out a bit, but i'm not so thankful for it because it made the snow all melty and slushy and cold - definitely not fun to play in. So today we just mostly stayed inside. 

Day 5 of Snowpocolypse - It's the coldest yet, and no new snow. Mom said it got down to 15*F last night and this morning it was 22* when we woke up! The ice is all crunchy so we're hiding inside, if we go out mom will make us wear boots and i'm sure you can sympathize with us on that. They plowed our road though, and with dad's awesome driving skills he was able to make it up our driveway and onto the road. Still hoping for some sunshine though to see what today will bring!

How is your January so far? Any snow?


  1. I can say that no, we have no snow. :-) I would like to spend some time in the snow, however. It's been a long time. I think the dogs would love it.

    1. I bet they'd go crazy! It's so much fun to play in!

  2. Haha! My dog loves the snow. We have too much of it here in Sweden :)

    Now I'm longing for sun so I can actually take a long walk with my dog - it's too cold for that now!

    The rest of the month will be hell here in Sweden as far as the weather goes. Snow, snow, snow! :(

    /Adam - The Doggy Institute

    1. Awww bummer! Do you do any snow sports or snowshoeing with your pup? We love to snowshoe. :-)

  3. Oh my Gosh Yes we have snow!! we got 15 inches over Christmas and another 8 or 10 in the last few days.
    Since Nov 28th we have gotten 40 inches of snow!!! too much for us little pugs!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

    1. Oh my! That's a lot of snow! I bet it makes potty breaks kind of hard!

  4. Wow that is a lot of snow & 1 huge long driveway you have! Our January has been cold, but not as cold as 15, those were temps we had last month, but we've had 20's & I'm told it will be going down this week. We've had snow but not that much. I don't mind the winter but not when it's bone chilling cold

    1. We don't mind, unless we're cold and wet and then we hide indoors. :-)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks!! We made two of them, both accomplished in the dark for extra fun!

  6. Nope, none here YET, but that's supposed to change on Saturday. The temps are also supposed to drop to 7 -15 F throughout the entirety of the weekend!! What?! I do have wine btw ;-)

  7. We have gotten plenty of snow butt of course it is never enough is it? Oh, mom is yellng at me that it IS enough.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. We've decided that hibernating is the key to surviving this snowstorm, we're done with it! Wet and soggy is not our style.

  8. Snow without wine?! That sounds awful! I hope that was on the shopping list, too. We've had a bit of snow, but with one dog that hates boots and one dog that won't hold still to get boots on, we haven't been able to play too much yet since it's been so cold with the windchill. We're hoping for some slightly warmer weather soon so we can play.

    1. We finally have wine!!
      Hahahahaha in regards to the boots, it took Dante and Ziva a little while to figure it out and now they associate it with awesome fun playtime, but Dante still sulks when I put his boots on him. :-)


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