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The DZ Dogs


When we were searching for a dog we had several things in mind and knew exactly what we were looking for. Click HERE for how we picked Dante.

We adopted Dante right before his 1st birthday and we were his third home before he was a year old. He has a strong personality, is super goofy, and he ABSOLUTELY NEEDS exercise and consistency in training.

He's a gorgeous brindle bully, as far as to what breed he's a toss up, but they know his mama was a boxer and he has the personality to prove it!

Bully breeds tend to be extreme athletes and not for the average dog owner, they require lots of socialization, training, and exercise or they can turn to aggressive, and destructive behaviors.

We live a very active lifestyle and were looking for a dog that would fit in perfectly and Dante fit the bill!


Before we adopted Ziva we had a dog named Tex-Anna. Tex-Anna was a Tri-Colored Border Collie that we rescued from an abusive situation. Her Story HERE. As is turned out, she was not a good fit for our family, she was terrified of our hardwood floors, she couldn't go on all of our adventures due to her aging body (she would get sore and had to be left behind), and she didn't like Dante at all.

On a good note though! We found her the perfect family. She is now living with some very close friends of ours who were looking for a wonderful house dog that is great with kids. Tex-Anna was perfect for them and now spends her days as a single doggy, playing with kids, pampered, brushed, and on carpet. She is a much happier dog.

Puppy play date with Tex-Anna

After Tex-Anna found her fur-ever home we wanted to get Dante a little sister. We knew we wanted a female, and she had to be interested in Dante/want to play with him, not bully or harass him, and also be able to keep up with our active lifestyle.

Again we contacted our local rescue groups to find the perfect match. Click HERE for how we picked Ziva.  Having such an active guy we knew we wanted a dog who was slightly more mellow than Dante.

We also wanted a female, males and females tend to be a good match, two males can cause dominant behaviors and females can get bossy with one another.

Ziva was the perfect missing piece for our little pack! She's smart with a huge drive to please. Like a true bully she is head-strong but still a joy to train. She is more responsive in some ways than Dante, likely due to being more of a "follower" type of personality whereas Dante will "lead" in a situation given the chance.

We've been very happy with our choice! She's a wonderful pup!

She loves kids

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