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Friday, July 22, 2016

Flashback Friday!


We hope everyone is having a great Friday!! We certainly are enjoying a nice kickoff to our weekend.

Here's a fun #FlashBackFriday pic for you, taken from a year ago!

And a #FlashForward picture taken last week!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Protein Bars For Dogs!

Wellness Core
Superfood Protein Bars!

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Chewy struck a home run yet again! This month we received a spectacularly smelly package of protein bars for Dante and Ziva. Smelly you ask? Oh yes! Deliciously smelly because they are made with whole ingredients and fish!

Smile if you like to eat healthy!
Salmon, whitefish, peas, gelatin, vegetable glycerin, flaxseed, broccoli, carrots, dried cultured skim milk, natural flavor, cane molasses, salt, pomegranates, mixed tocopherols to preserve freshness, and rosemary extract.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Things That Go Bump In The Night.


So last night as usual right before bed it was time to take the dogs out. Since we have tons of wildlife surrounding where we live, and no fences.. we started taking the dogs out one at a time to keep closer tabs on them.

It was Ziva's turn in this case to go first. I opened the door with my flashlight *no outdoor area lights either*, stepped outside Ziva following behind me. She passed in front of me and we both rounded the corner as I instructed her to go potty, when.... "BOW, WOW, WOW!!" And she jumped back into me as I stumbled over backwards hollering, "Woah!!" Grabbing her collar, both of us nearly falling as she dragged me right back into our camper trailer home.

"RUN!! It's a monster!!!"
I paused long enough to listen and look for a monster but didn't see anything with my flashlight.
I think the conversation that followed was something like this.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Suspicious Eyes.

"Private Eyes, Are Watching You, 
They See Your Every Move..."
*I know you sang that line in your head.*

Dante and Ziva have really been great throughout this whole move, they've made Dz Dog Dad and myself super proud!

They are learning to be flexible in their environments, for example eating in different locations a.k.a. "not home". Although we've now got a consistent routine back for them. Being left behind at our new home is another new thing they've been dealing with- so far no returning separation anxiety *paws crossed on this one!*

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