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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hopefully Healing!

Thank You Furfriends 
For Your Support.

In case you missed our instagram and Facebook announcement:

I think we figured out what was going on with Dante's nose!!

The specialist started out with the CT scan just like she said she would, and guess what she found?

Dante's missing tooth! This problem may have been going on for far longer than we imagined, when we first adopted him three years ago we had assumed that his missing tooth had maybe been broken and removed before we got him. Turns out it just never came in the way it was supposed to, and the xray that we did last february couldn't see it!

Currently he's sleeping off the effect of today's anesthesia, couldn't get him to eat anything tonight. I'll try again before bedtime, but hopefully tomorrow he'll be feeling better!

The Nose Saga...

My Big Brindle Boy.

As put so kindly by a friend of ours...we've been dealing with this for far too long. Like I mentioned in our last post we're still dealing with Dante's nose!  For our new readers this has been quite an unpleasant issue for us.

Here are a few posts to help you get caught up:

February 2016 - 

When we first spotted the problem.Dante's Bloody Nose
Round #1 figuring out what's going on. - The Good & The Not So Great
Round #2 working with a specialist.The Infection

After our vet did the initial x-rays we began treatment for the infection with antibiotics based on the conclusions of the lab work and we were sent to a specialist.  We did 6 weeks worth of these antibiotics and it seemed to have worked, unfortunately a few months later the "bad smell" came back.

Mommy Instincts - Trust them!

I had been noticing this "bad smell" for a while before Dante sprouted the bloody nose, turns out it was the smell of infection. I didn't trust myself though and since no one else could smell what I was smelling I just shrugged it off as me being silly. After the round of antibiotics we thought we'd had success, until a few months later the smell came back. So back to the specialist, and she gave me two options.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Health Update


Ziva here...Don't mind me...just snuggling with mom to help her feel better. Mom realized she never updated our furfriends on Dante's cut pad and my nail. You can read more about that incident HERE.

Mom had to take me back to the dogtor, she said my nail is growing weird and doesn't seem to be healing. The dogtor is worried that I might have an infection under it, probably cause I won't stop licking it and ripping off the bandage mom puts on my foot - doesn't she know how annoying foot bandages are though? Anyways, now I have to take pills with each meal (antibiotics) to see if the nail will get better. So far mom says she can't tell the difference. I don't mind the pills though, mom usually hides them in cream cheese. I know they are there but don't tell her that! Sometimes she doesn't hide them well enough and I spit them out, this is my strategy to get a second round of cream cheese! I'm a smart girl!

As for Dante's pad? It healed up really nice mom and dad did a good job and he doesn't mind the foot wrapping. I tried telling him that he could chew it off but he just grumbled at me and left it on.

Dz Dog Mom Here!

If Ziva would leave the bandages alone I bet her nail would heal quicker, we have about 1 more week on the antibiotics with her. I can't tell if it's getting better or not, but at least it isn't getting any worse. If this doesn't work the vet wants to check for a fungal/bacterial infection under the nail and maybe do a biopsy, but I think she'd benefit just having the nail removed and letting it start over fresh. OUCH!

Anyways, wish us luck! Looks like we also need to readdress Dante's nose issue. I'll have an update on that later.

In case you missed it!:

Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday Madness!

Mum's Lost Her Mind...


Last year we got to test out Ultra Paws Skijor equipment and boots! Well guess what? The snow is coming, the snow is coming!!

Time to break out those boots and get the pups used to them again!

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