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Oregon Rain

Rain, Rain, Whatever. Ok, so we're officially tired of the rain... Dante, Ziva and I made a list of ways we can deal with our lovel...

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Time to Hibernate.

Done. Finished, fini, finito, terminado, acabado..

Recently snow levels in our area broke records, in fact this was the most snowfall we've seen in a 24 hour period in our area since December of 1919! 

At first it was fun. 

But now it's just ridiculous!  My poor neighbors were snowed in for a week and a half because their driveway is so steep (we checked in with them and they were doing fine) and then just when we thought we were getting a break in the weather - forecast said rain and 40's... we get this! #weathermandon'tknowwhathestalkingabout 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Pet Blogger Challenge 2017

Hello Furfriends! It's time for our annual blogger challenge, deep breath - and we're off!

Join the Pet Blogger Challenge Jan 7th, 8th and 9th
  1. When did you start your blog and what does your blog provide?
    We started blogging in June of 2014, so it's been over two years now which is soo crazy! This blog started out as a catalog of our fun filled doggy adventures which is where we got our name. "D" is for Dante, "Z" is for Ziva - Dante and Ziva's Adventures! I also thought it sounded kind of like a good superhero comic book title.  Our blog has since grown to become a resource, we have lots of training tips in our topic section like our Recall Games and for a while we were doing a Trick Training Challenge. Our goal for our readers is to provide entertainment while encouraging our readers to never quit training and working with their dogs, we also want to encourage health and exercise as well as responsible dog ownership.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Day 5 of Snowpocalypse

Dear Diary,

Sunday Day 1 of our Snowpocalypse - The sky has gone mad and is producing tiny little flakes of frozen-ness. My toes are cold.

Monday Day 2 of Snowpocalypse - Apparently it's our long lost friend the snow! We love the snow! 

However things are looking rather bleak, mom is out of wine and it's snowed all day and still isn't stopping!

Tuesday Day 3 of the Snowpocalypse - We had a break in the snow so mom escaped! She said we were nearly out of doggy food, wouldn't that have been horrible?! So off to the store she went (without us) to get our food and some other grocery stuff. I know she came back with salad, I definitely do not want to eat that!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Year in Review - 2016

A Year in Review

Hey furfriends! It's that time again, at the end of every year I like to do a year in a glance post just to see what kinds of fun we had and to see how far we've come since last year.
I hope you enjoy it!
January - 

Our First Canicross Trip!
Dz Dog Dad wrote his second guest post for our blog, and this month we did our first canicross adventure with the pups! They did great for their first time. We also enjoyed some snowshoeing and played reindeer by pulling a sled containing our niece and nephew.

January was also Dante's first flyball tournament! A sport we've sadly had to quit since our move, did you know their are NO flyball teams in Southern Oregon? I'd have to start my own team, which isn't out of the question but building a house is our current priority. Hmmmm...maybe a 2018 goal?

February - 

This month was the first month into our investigation of Dante's nose. It all started with a bad bloody nose that wouldn't quit for several hours. This led to a doctors appointment, which led to xrays and eventually a specialist. We also started prepping our house to sell it due to Dz Dog Dad's new job!

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