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Friday, October 20, 2017

Where Have The DzDogs Been?

Hello, Can You Hear Me?

Where have we been?

Well we haven't been lying around, just in case you were wondering.

We've been working our tails off getting into this BRAND NEW HOUSE!!!

We finally did it!

Here is the loft, this is our fun space - or dog zone. Lots of zoomies, wrestling, and movie snuggling is what this space is meant for. We just finally got out couch upstairs along with our tv, and at some point (when we finish up the rest of the things we need to do) we'll be putting a wet bar in the back corner of the bar.

Master Bedroom - 

Living Room - 

Solar powered pibbles anyone?
Anyways, this sorry this is a short post. We're tired but we are settling in, the dogs love our new house and haven't had any issues adjusting. I though maybe we would have to start over on our crate training at least for the beginning period but I think I was just being paranoid.

Today on my way out of the door to go to work I pottied the dogs, and then they disappeared - to the couch that is. "Whatever mom, bye!"   Ziva knew exactly where she wanted to go after having to potty in the cold wet rain, after drying off she found her place on the couch and made it quite clear that she wasn't budging to even say goodbye to me.

Dante? Ya, same story. He loves his sister so wherever she is curled up, there he is!

We're hoping to get back into pictures and blogging soon just stay tuned! For more house pics (and yes i'm still catching up) visit us at:

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