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Monday, May 29, 2017

No Fences? No Problem

Fence Free
How We're Making it Work!

No fences? No problem. We've been living on our property now since October, some things have changed for example we'll have a house by the end of summer!! You can check out the posts for our fun home building adventure at out TwoPitsInAPod blog!

But one thing remains the same. We still don't have a fence!

Turns out fences are kind of expensive, and with all of our money being slowly funneled into our new house we just haven't been able to fence our whole property yet. But we figured out a great solution for dealing with no fences.

We just keep lots of treats handy!

Granted, this won't work for every dog. Dante and Ziva have never been runners. Some of our long time readers might remember our former foster Jack. He's so special he has his own category on our main page! He was notorious for running away and terrible recall, thankfully this isn't an issue we've ever had with our Dz Dogs (going to knock on some wood now!).

No fences for us means lots of treats, and the pups are ALWAYS supervised when outside.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Fit Dog Friday!!

Fit Dog Friday!

With the weather finally getting nicer, minus today which of course is windy/stormy AND raining. We've been getting out more! And it it nice to stretch our legs!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Caru Free Range Chicken Bone Broth

Free Range Chicken Bone Broth
"Nourish With Love"

"We were sent Caru Free Range Bone Broth in exchange for an honest review. Dz Dogs only supports products that we feel are relevant to our readers. This blog contains no affiliate links, all thoughts and opinions are our own."

Need help getting your dog to eat? Caru just might be the answer!

"Hmmmmm....What's that I smell?"

Friday, May 5, 2017

Adventure Dogs!!

More New Friends!

First off if you missed our last post, Petsmart recently purchased and sadly Petsmart has antibully breed policies. We'd like to continue to spread this knowledge and encourage our furfriends to take their money elsewhere in support of our wonderful dogs.  #DontBullyMyBreed #LoversNotFighters. (Full Post HERE)

Recently we went on a fun new hike with a new friend of ours and her young pup Bandit! It was pretty funny, Dante and I have both met Bandit before, but he was new to Ziva. When we first got in the car we placed Bandit in a crate and loaded him up in the backseat, Dante and Ziva of course were in the far back section of my Rav4. And the whole way to the trail we heard, *whine (Bandit)....followed by a quiet *grrrrr... (Ziva).

It went something like this.

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