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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ziva is a Beadie Baby!

Beadie Babiez

**We purchased this collar on our own, this review is entirely our opinion.**

For a while now i've been noticing these collars on Instagram being worn by some of our favorite accounts, and I had to have one for Ziva!

We finally decided on a triple strand for our little princess but couldn't make up our mind what color to pick so we let our Instagram followers vote on the color and they chose pink!

It was a long wait because they were pretty backed up on orders but it was so worth the wait!

You might be curious about the strength of these collars?

BeabieBabiez claims that these collars are virtually indestructible. They are made with light steel cables attached with crimped aluminum sleeves that have a 300 pound tensile strength!

Designed for short or long haired dogs these collars have no sharp edges and should not tangle or ruin coats - we can't attest to the tangle factor but we've seen some gorgeous dogs wearing them on instagram!

They come in single strands, multi strands, strands with different sized pearls and designs and a whole rainbow of colors, different clasp types for your choosing and they are just as gorgeous in person as they are in photographs!

Look at my little princess!

I should also mention that these look great on gentlemen too, and come in wooden beads as well as boy colors. I think I am seeing one of these in Dante's near future!, pet centric

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  1. Those are so beautiful! I'm seriously considering getting one for Nola.

  2. That is a gorgeous collar and pink looks good on you. Might be a little heavy for a cat tho, so I'll not check it out. Very pretty.

  3. It sure does bring out her feminine side!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Ziva rocks the color pink! Gorgeous!

  5. I love her beaded collar! She looks so pretty with it on!

  6. Holy snap! I am in love with this collar!! I don't use a collar for the dogs though, I use a harness, but they are so awesome, I really might just get one for her to wear. If you get one for Dante, you'll post photos right?

    Thanks so much for joining the blog hop!

  7. Ugh. I commented on this yesterday and now it has disappeared. I'm having trouble commenting, where are the commenting GODS?

    Anywhoo, I love this collar and am seriously considering getting one for Delilah, EVEN THOUGH she doesn't wear collars, she wears a harness. But I'm thinking it would just be something to dress her up when we are going out. :_)

    Diva looks spectacular in hers, you picked a gorgeous color and style.

    Thank you for joining the Barks and Bytes blog hop!

  8. That is a super fancy collar. Love the color. Hope you get to wear it some place special. Thanks for joining the hop!


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