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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Things That Go Bump In The Night.


So last night as usual right before bed it was time to take the dogs out. Since we have tons of wildlife surrounding where we live, and no fences.. we started taking the dogs out one at a time to keep closer tabs on them.

It was Ziva's turn in this case to go first. I opened the door with my flashlight *no outdoor area lights either*, stepped outside Ziva following behind me. She passed in front of me and we both rounded the corner as I instructed her to go potty, when.... "BOW, WOW, WOW!!" And she jumped back into me as I stumbled over backwards hollering, "Woah!!" Grabbing her collar, both of us nearly falling as she dragged me right back into our camper trailer home.

"RUN!! It's a monster!!!"
I paused long enough to listen and look for a monster but didn't see anything with my flashlight.
I think the conversation that followed was something like this.

Me - "Ziva, what did you see?!"

Ziva - "Shit mom, it was a BIG MONSTER!! You didn't see it?!"

Me - "You nearly gave me a heart attack!! I didn't see anything, no glowing eyes, no noisy deer bouncing back into the brush. You sure you saw something?"

Ziva - "Forget peeing...I'm going back to bed."

*Crawls back into bed and settles down.* 

Me - "Lets have daddy and Dante take a look."

*Heart still pounding like a maniac.*

Ziva - "Nope still not going."

Daddy and Dante head outside with Dante on a leash, a larger flashlight, and a gun, me following closely behind with a second flashlight. 
What if it's a cougar? Or bear? Werewolf? Zombie?
Daddy gives the all clear, Dante pee's and we head back inside to bring Ziva out.

Ziva - "Nope not going."

Me - "You haven't been out for hours! I know you have to go, come on."

Ziva - "Fine..."

*Slinks out the door, looking suspiciously around in all directions still growling under her breath.*  

Ziva - "What if the monster eats me? You'll be sorry."

"I know their was something out there."
Well...moral of the story. No monster's were to be found last night, although Ziva was not convinced. And yes, her alarm barking will wake the dead! It is high pitched, earsplitting loud, and definitely a; "BOW, WOW, WOW!!" Sort of noise.

Happy "Not so wordless" Wednesday!!
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  1. Awww, sorry she was frightened. More than likely it was an armadillo, rabbit, coon, or opossum. Or that's what we encounter at night here. :)

    1. Haha! No armadillos here, but I'd love to see one! Normally it's deer and turkeys hanging around our place.

  2. Our people have such a hard time seeing all the dangers. Good job protecting them Ziva.

    Sarah and Shadow

  3. LOL@ Ziva! Silly girl! Your bark reminds me of Summer, my youngest Golden.happy there was no cougar or bear

    1. Us too! Those are two critters we'd like to avoid!

  4. Just cuz no one could see it doesn't mean it wasn't there!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Great story! You had me racing to the end - I so wanted to find out what it was. Super happy you all are safe.


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