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Thursday, October 1, 2015

NoxGear - LightHound Dog Vest Review

NoxGear - LightHound
Dog Vest!

*This is not a paid promotional post. We purchased NoxGear LightHound vest with our own money and was not compensated in any way for writing this post. DzDogs only supports products that we believe in and would use for our own dogs. We simply want to share our personal experience and give this product an honest review.*

It's a spaceship! It's a shooting star! 

It's Super Dante!

Have you heard of NoxGear? NoxGear is a company that started back in 2013 thanks to the help of kickstarter, their goal was to design a high visibility vest for nighttime athletes including runners, bicyclists, and awesome teams of nighttime Frisbee!

I was so in love with the idea that I was part of their initial vest campaign and have my very own lighted vest! 

Well...they launched another campaign for dogs and we certainly hopped on that train! It's here and we love it!

(Click the Title to be taken to their website.)
The vest fits Dante perfectly, he weighs 75 pounds with a 19.5" neck and he fit the large perfectly with room to adjust if needed.

What's super exciting is this vest is:
  • USB Rechargeable, with 12 hour running battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Retro Reflective
  • Machine Washable - yes thank you! With crazy pups like Dante and Ziva nothing stays clean long! It comes apart easy so the vest can be tossed on a gentle cycle in your washing machine, while the light portion can be gently hand rinsed.

    It was super easy to pull apart and put back together. And stayed in place when Dante took it for a roll in the grass and some zoomies.

  • Extremely Lightweight Design
  • It also has many different settings, you can choose a solid color, or a couple different flashing settings.
  • Plus its Beautifully Made!

The design fits perfectly over Dante's shoulders, and the straps stay far enough away from the back of his front legs so I don't have to worry about it rubbing him the wrong way - this is a big concern for us since his sexy brindle hair is so short.

You'll also notice, the lights are on Dante's back. I think this is brilliant on their part because it means the lights don't flash directly in your dogs eyes! We tested this out in total darkness and Dante was getting around just fine running in crazy circles and sniffing all over the place like normal, only normally I keep him on a leash at night because otherwise I can't see him!

One thing to note, this vest does not come with a leash hookup so your dog will need to wear a collar or a harness under the vest. On a good note, like I mentioned previously, this is extremely lightweight! According to my scale it weighs a mere 5 ounces. 

Being that we love to adventure and the earlier darkness that fall brings us, I thought this vest would be a perfect addition for our walks. Now i'm not a morning person, and neither are the dogs...

"The alarm said it's what time oh mother dearest? Nope, too early..."

But I do love a good walk after work or before bedtime, especially when we have awesome events like our recent super moon! Any full moon, or clear starry night though is enough to get me itching for a walk. Hubby's joke is, "Oh no... Time to walk the wife."  I'll start begging and pleading then next thing you know we're walking in the dark.  My vest has certainly been a big help for me personally, I've even had a car pull over to tell me how awesome it was and how easy he could see me!

On nights that I can't get hubby to go though I usually end up taking Dante, he's my "go to" guy for a solo walk. He's confident in any situation, and big enough that people give me room so getting a vest for him made the most sense.

Check out how bright it is! It also kind of acted like a flashlight for your feet, providing a strong yet soft enough illumination as we were walking. We certainly will be seen wearing this!

Personally I enjoy setting it to slowly changing it's colors, it makes it fun to look at. The super fast settings might be fun for a sport dog or some midnight fetch with a cool glow in the dark toy!

*Please note his pretty perfect off-leash heeling! And shout-out to my sister, thank you for helping!*

Yes, my naughty neighbors dog was barking at us the whole time.

According to their website this vest would also be perfect for:
  • Camping
  • Hunting
  • Search and Rescue Teams
  • Service Animals
  • Hiking
  • Or just for fun!
So far we're in love with it! This vest even when not lit up is retro reflective, perfect for those early morning walks when you don't need lights on. And thanks to fall in Oregon we can hopefully expect to see some rain this season, being waterproof I won't have to worry about his vest being damaged in the rain and it will fit nicely over the top of his jacket thanks to the adjustable straps around the neck and chest.

Part 2 of our Review HERE

100% DZ Dog Bully Breed Approved!

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  1. That vest is really neat! He looks so handsome in it!

    1. Thanks Lauren! I'm looking forward to our night walks now!

  2. That's really cool. Nice off-leash heeling too!

  3. Those are great. I remember the first 'light' I got for our dogs Sally & Tino, it was just a little flashing light that hooked to their collar. Compared to that, these vests are so much better. Good job on the heel Dante.

    1. I usually carry a flashlight, but this will help so much more. :-) I like to be sure that cars see us.

  4. Now, that is pretty cool looking! Great for this time of year with so many walks and runs in the dark.

  5. This vest sounds like the perfect outside doggie gear during the darker months - and obviously any midnight moon stroll ;-) Also love that it's waterproof. I walk our pups rain or shine, so any light gear I'd add on top of the pups' raincoats would have to be able to function while getting wet!

    1. This would be perfect for you then! I'd love a flashing Buzz and Missy pic if you get one!

    2. I'll put the vests on our doggie X-mas wish list ;-)

    3. I hope Santa brings you some vests!! Your pups would look so cool!

  6. That's a cool product for people who are out and about at night. This may have been helpful for our friend when camping-maybe her dog wouldn't have gotten skunked if he'd been wearing this!

  7. Brilliant! My dogs have light collars.

    1. I love lights! They make it so much more obvious that someone or a dog is out. :-)

  8. Looking cool Dante and way to go on your off leash healing!

  9. For years I've been walking Honey in a town that has sidewalks. I never felt the need for lights or reflectors. But now we're walking her in the road and hoping for the best. I wonder if some lights are in our future.

    1. We walk on the sidewalks too, but I still like to make sure people can see us coming. :-)

  10. Whoa! THAT'S cool! It's also exactly why I gave you the Blogger Recognition Award. Come look:

  11. A great idea as we enter into the dark months of winter.


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