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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

2016 Calendar Fundraiser


Have you gotten your 2016 calendar yet? We're still running our save the Sevadogs fundraising campaign and it's not to late!

You can purchase a calendar at:  

What if we say pretty please? 

So far our campaign has raised $100, this is enough for a couple bags of food! Thanks guys! With the cold coming Sevadog is also looking for donations of warm blankets and bedding, every penny counts! So even if you don't want an adorable doggy calendar consider donating to save these beautiful faces!

I'd like you to meet some of the Sevadog's you are helping by purchasing a calendar or donating.

Meet Lilly!
She's such a lover, she's a big girl who wants to play tug and sit in your lap. An American Bulldog mix she's tons of fun and was one of my favorites when I went to visit. Her sweet personality just shines through and she'd love to have a family to call her own!

Lilly - American Bulldog mix

Mia is a dream on a leash! Not always great with other dogs, she's a spunky senior lady who wants to be treated like one! But she's such a lover, she enjoyed sitting in Mandy's lap while we visited after our long walk. A couple walks a day and someone to give her attention would make this lady's dream come true!
Mia - American Pit Bull Senior

Teddy! Look at his gorgeous face and ears! I just want to squish his adorable wrinkles and kiss his big nose!

Teddy is a young boy ready to learn! He's learning manners very quickly but would do best in an active home that will continue to train him and keep his brain busy. He was a lot of fun to meet in person because he is very human oriented and thought he deserved to be the center of attention, this handsome boy will quickly work his way into your heart if you give him the chance!

Teddy - American Bully
Clay is another pittie mix located at Sevadog, he was a lot of fun and loved to play ball! He reminded me a lot of Dante because he has that same kind of leggy build and would make for a great agility or flyball dog!

Sevadogs also have "Littles"!

This sweet chihuahua mix was pretty shy about meeting me at first but with a few gentle words and some treats we quickly became buddies. He's very social and was getting along great with all the other dogs.

It's hard to tell all of the dogs stories that I met, and honestly I don't know all of their stories. But all the faces of Sevadog are beautiful. If you're looking for a forever pal make sure you consider adopting. If you aren't looking to adopt and maybe have some extra time on your hands, shelters and rescues are always looking for volunteers. And if you see a face that touches your heart consider giving a donation to the dogs or even sponsoring a dog for their stay at Sevadog.

In the meantime our calendar fundraiser is going to continue being open! Our calendar just arrived and it's gorgeous! I love the colors and dogs involved in the pictures, big shout out to Rescue Strong for their help in this!

My not so Wordless Wednesday.



  1. OMD, Teddy! What a face!

    BTW, do you have any fall events near you? I raised money for my local shelter during their annual Porch Fest (musicians playing live on porches around the neighborhood). I sold popcorn, cold drinks, and calendars to people listening to the music.

    And the presence of our foster dog Cherie on the porch probably boosted the donations. :)

  2. What a good looking group of dogs! May they all find homes!

  3. Those look like wonderful doggies who would be a great addition to a family!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    Pee Ess - Don't forget to sign up for the Blogville Christmas Card and/or gift exchange!! See Oreo's blog for details!!

  4. They are all so beautiful. It breaks my heard that so many dogs don't have homes.

    1. I know.. :-( If I could rescue and save them all I would.


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