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Friday, October 9, 2015

#DogsNotToys - Save Sevadog!

Save the Sevadogs!

Just wanted to give a big shout out to CJ over at !

In honor of #PitBullAwarenessMonth we are helping our friends over at Sevadog with a fundraiser! And you can help.

Sevadog is the rescue where we adopted Ziva from, they are an amazing Oregon rescue group that takes in dogs from California - primarily "pit bull" type dogs and "littles". You can visit them at they are a non profit, family run rescue that works hard socializing, training, and finding loving homes for their dogs. 

Recently Sevadog went through some hardships as a rescue and they lost their rescue home and had to move all of their dogs. But rather than give up and disband, Sevadog has come back and is fighting hard to make it! We are helping in partnership with Rescue Strong to promote a fundraiser where the proceeds will go to benefit Sevadog and friends at Tulare Animal Services.

Is a 2016 calendar series that speaks to the heart of rescuers, 
each month features a different Instagram account with an educational post. 
Go check it out!

Each month features a mini dog edit!

Ziva is not included in the calendar series but she did get her own edit!
Help us give back to the rescue that gave us out little Ziva.

Thanks Rescue Strong!

Now head on over to the fundraiser 
to Save the Sevadogs!

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