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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy National Cat Day!

The Cats Have Taken Over!!

People look at me like i'm crazy when they realize that not only do we currently have our two dogs and a foster dog, but we also have two cats! 

Merlot is 6 years old this month! He's my not so snuggly but sometimes a super lover, kitty cat. He's not mean or anything like that, he just likes his own space - specifically the back of the couch or a cozy chair.

 Whereas Belle, my 5 year old beautiful girl (think Belle from Beauty and the Beast) is my talking shadow kitty who insists on being the center of attention and on my lap at every possible moment.

Belle insisting on sitting where I sit.
Don't let the dogs fool you though, the cats rule the house especially Belle. She rules with an iron kitty fist and the dogs give her lots of space. At the beginning when we first took in Jack he was great with the cats from the start but for whatever reason Belle took an intense dislike to him and chased him around the house on numerous occasions! Poor Jack! But it was soo funny! He also wouldn't walk past her if he didn't have to because she would swat at him any chance she got. Not sure why she chose Jack to pick on, but she's been leaving him alone for a while now. I think they figured out their differences.

Dante and Ziva do great with cats too! Ziva it seems would like to play with Belle sometimes, but so far no luck. She'll do a super cute puppy bounce that ends in a play bow and Belle just looks at her like she's nuts. I think it's reminiscent of her foster baby days.

Ziva's "baby" last summer.

She's all grown up now! Friends of mine adopted her.
Dante just ignores the cats and vice versa, the cats seem least offended by his presence so they share quite a bit of space with him. Bedtime for example Belle insists on sleeping right on top of my back or next to me every night. Dante is very polite about her demands and snuggles up on the opposite side.

We all love to snuggle!
Belle loves to have her tummy pet!

Happy Cat Day!
Do you have a multi species house?

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  1. Replies
    1. Good for you on the 4 dogs! I think 3 has me maxed out. :-)

  2. It's just Blueberry now. I had two dwarf hamsters until they passed on. B was jealous of the attention I gave them. I love that the cats are boss! Too funny!

    1. Hamsters are fun!! I had quinea pigs in highschool, i've thought about getting another one. They are soo much fun. :-)

  3. We only have dogs. Although all of our daughters and their cats have lived with us at one time or another. Delilah is very good with the cats, unless they try and sneak up where she is sleeping, then she will growl at them, but most of the time she will sit side by side with a cat while they both stalk chipmunks.

    Sampson doesn't mind them either, although on occasion he gets a wild hair across his bum and runs in and sticks his nose under the cat, I think he's attempting to play, but he forgets how big he is.

    Then suddenly one day, he will chase the cat. BUT if we see a cat on our walks....they lose their stuff.

    Love that photo of Ziva with her baby, it is SO precious.

    Thank you for joining the blog hop!!

  4. Duo stalking of chipmunks sounds like a game my dogs would love. :-) My kitties are strictly indoors because we have a highway nearby and way to much wildlife.
    It's funny but our cats don't entirely lose their stuff when we see cats on walks but it depends on the cat, sometimes they are more interested than I wan them to be. I've had Dante and Ziva chase a cat before but to Ziva's credit I was able to call her off and the cat escaped just fine. :-)

  5. Only dogs here, but happy National Cat Day!

  6. We have a black kitty who is getting ready for Halloween. Not really. She will hide the whole Love the kitty pics. Happy National Cat Day and thanks for joining the hop.

    1. Hahaha! I had a cat growing up that hid all the time, he would come out when we were all sitting but not if we were about making a bunch of noise and he hated guests.

  7. Such cute cats! That little white kitten Ziva's playing with is adorable. There's now four dogs and a bird (cockatiel) here.

    1. What a housefull! :-) Sounds fun! I've thought of a bird, done a bunch of research on birds but right now I know I don't have enough time to give one. But they are such amazing creatures!

  8. Your kitties are so cute! Happy National Cat Day!!!

  9. Loved meeting the kitties. Zia sounds like Honey. That play bow just doesn't make sense to many cats.

  10. PepiSmartDog: LOVE your photos! Especially love the pic of Ziva and the kitten.
    I have three indoor kittehs too; cats are great.
    Thank you for supporting our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.
    We always look forward to finding out what you got up to this week. Hee Hee!
    Hope you’ll join us again next week too. *waves paw* :=o)


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