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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My Favorite Things...

My Favorite Things.

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens,
Brown paper packages  tied up with strings,
These are a few of my favorite things.

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels,
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles,
Wild gees that fly with the moon on their wings,
These are a few of my favorite things."

I love fall in Oregon, it is one of my favorite times of year! I think the dogs can agree.

My first favorite thing about fall? Pumpkin!!

We all love pumpkin at my house, so this time of year I go a little pumpkin crazy.
Pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin chai, pumpkin latte, pumpkin waffles, pumpkin treats for the dogs, canned pumpkin in the dog's food...I think you get the picture.

Hmmmm... Pumpkin....

I love how the leaves get all nice and crispy, hearing the sound of the leaves crunch underfoot and swirl around as you walk through them. It brings back the kid in me to kick the leaves and watch them dance, they also smell wonderful!

Jack though I think was just humoring me when I said the leaves smell good, I think he was searching for fragrance a la deer poop.

I love our brisk mornings where a sweatshirt is required, watching the sun rise on the horizon line as the fog drifts away. Of course this is our favorite time of morning, because we have it all to ourselves.

No neighbors up yet, the field is ours to play in!
Cold mornings though means the dogs are going to have to start wearing their coats again!

After our morning ritual of playtime we head back to the house for coffee (for mom) some snuggles while the dogs cool down, and then a nice warm breakfast. Yes my dogs are spoiled, I like to switch up what I give the dogs with their kibbles, sometimes it's coconut oil or another supplement, and sometimes I just put some warm water in their kibbles. 

I love to snuggle with the dogs, I mean who could resist this baby!

Or this one...

Or this one...

Gotta be honest, it's hard to leave these squishy faces for work in the morning.

Fall also takes great pictures, look at handsome Jack!

Other things to love about fall? Cold evening walks bundled up in a cozy jacket with hubby and the dogs, spending time with family, apple cider, cozy fireplace blazing hot, all the wonderful soups that warm you to your core when you get too cold, and lets not forget holiday drinks like homemade eggnog (my husband makes the best eggnog EVER!! Not storebought.) and hot toddys! 

Or more simple than that, snuggling on the couch with hubby in a big old pibble pile with a glass of wine and a movie.

Guess that's why my favorite phrase is:

Love Life. Love Dogs.

What are some of your favorite things about fall?

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  1. We love Fall, too! We are just starting to get some colder weather up here and I've had to break out the dog's winter things on a more regular basis. I think Fall might finally be happening! I love the sound of crunching leaves, too and I love cold mornings where the sun in breaking through the fog. So neat! I also love driving through the old backroads where the trees are different colors. So fun! Oh yeah and everything pumpkin! :D

    1. Oh yes the trees!! I need to take a drive and get some pictures before they all fall off. :-)

  2. I love the fall too. Here in the Hudson Valley region of NY the colors are spectacular. I love how crazy & unpredicatble the weather is in October, and yes I love pumpkin too. My dogs get it everyday of the year in their food. My dogs prefer the cooler weather, they seem to come alive then, especially when it snows. They enjoy walks more, and I do too!

    1. That sounds beautiful!! Yes snow is fun for us too, but with their hair being so short our pups need their jackets and definitely have fun but look forward to our warm fireplace when playtime is over. :-) Makes for good snuggles though!

  3. Ahh, fall. The season I love to hate.

    I adore Halloween, falling leaves, pumpkin anything. But I'm so freaking cold I can hardly stand it. Winter is easier because the heat is on everywhere and no one looks at me funny if I wear a winter coat, gloves, and wool socks.

    I actually put my hands under Honey's belly the other day to stop myself from shivering.

    So I'm glad you're enjoying it. If my teeth weren't chattering so much, I would too. :)

    1. Good thing you have such a fluffy dog for those cold hands! I hate being cold too, but something about bundling up makes it fun. :-)

  4. We have had a beautiful fall here even though we are summer people over here!! Those are some sweet pictures and I love the hat!!


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