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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Summer Wrap Up

A Look Back at our Summer.

This summer was awesome!  

I'm feeling a bit reminiscent today so I thought it would be fun to take a look at what we did this summer.

But first, can you believe that we've had Jack since April?!  Oh my... what a long and crazy road, but worth it!  Meet Jack HERE.  Hopefully, fingers crossed!  He'll be heading to his new home in a week or so!  Still need to do a home check, but they've already met him and he did great with the whole family and their kids, and they loved him!

Jack has come such a long ways since he first joined our family in April, we've begun working on his off-leash training. It's gotten a lot better but I still get a bit nervous when I take the leash off of him, this is a personal issue and not a reflection of his current behavior *I wish I could let things go as easy as a dog does* he's been a charm off leash these last few times I've worked with him. He took off on me to chase the neighbors naughty dog, but I was able to walk right up to him and put the leash back on him without incident - in the past it's been a chase and a game to him.

His crate manners are excellent, he's not harassing Ziva as much as he was in the beginning - in fact they are best buds and love to snuggle together! He's been great in the house, minus the occasional trash can digging incident (silly me leaving it out where he can get it), and he's learned a variety of fun tricks! Really he's a pretty easy dog, i'm looking forward to being able to send him to his forever home for more love and attention.

This summer though -  I graduated in June.  Yippee!! All done!

Ziva hurt her knee so we decided to try a new sport and joined Flyball!

And then we spent the summer playing in the river, running trails, hiking, visiting family, having fun BBQ's outside, and getting into mischief with Captain Jack! 

And of course the not so fun stuff, Dante's broken tooth and his sinus infection.

Some highlights included hiking Eagle's Rest with Jack!

Rebel Rock Trail with all three pups.

Lookout Point Reservoir with just my camera and Ziva.

And as a kick off to fall, Dante and I did Broken Top Mountain!!

Stay tuned fall fun to come! 

And we have a couple awesome reviews in the wings as well as a giveaway we'll be doing soon!


  1. Your summer was so awesome! I love the happy, smiling pups! :D Fingers crossed that everything works out for Jack!

    1. Thank you!! I'm hoping too! They seem like wonderful people. <3 <3

  2. Wow hard to believe you have had Jack since April. I remember when you first took him in. He sure has come a long way, thanks to your love and guidance, and the companionship of your dogs. I hope this home that's lined up with him will work with him like you did. Thank you for always sharing your adventures with us.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. :-) He's been a fun challenge that's for certain!

  3. You had a lot happening this summer! I'm glad it looks like Jack will be adopted by his new family soon and I'm sure they'll really appreciate all the training you've done. He's gorgeous!

  4. Yep, I remember all that. And loved your collage. It looked like something you could sell to a dog adventure gear outfitter. :)

  5. You're making me nostalgic for summer now! :)


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