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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Me, Myself, and Jack!

Graduation 2015

I am still having a hard time processing that i'm done with school...forever...!!!! I'm so excited! After having been in school for what seems like a lifetime, I now get home in the evening and have time for projects, although I constantly feel like I should be doing homework. I'm so happy!  I just graduated from the University of Oregon with my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, and a concentration in Marketing.

A big thanks to my family and friends for offering so much encouragement and to my wonderful husband for all the support and help you gave me throughout school; knowing when to break out the margaritas, encouraging me, making dinner, helping out at home and with the pups, tolerating my frustrated moments, and for all those late nights editing my papers and helping me go over projects. I have such a wonderful husband!

And now it's time to party!

Photo Credit: Bonita Suraputra
By party of course I mean, drink margaritas and get to all the things i've been neglecting...such as the house.. but with the weather being so nice that's a tough one. I think a good hike is in order, lots of swimming at the lake, and playing with dogs!

Our summer has already started off kinda busy, Dz Dog's auntie moved in with us (she's home from France!) she's my little sister and we get along great! 

We've reorganized the house, made a mess of the house, cleaned, moved her in, we've tackled the yard, I planted my garden, and we just finished building a couple gates on our front porch to help us keep Jack from racing silly circles around the neighborhood while we work on his recall and shenanigans - he's such a silly boy! One last coat of paint and then finished pictures to come!

Jack Update

"Who me? I'm not a silly plott hound."

Well we were really hoping to have sent Jack to his forever home by now, through no fault of his own, his last potential adoption fell through. They're a wonderful family but due to a few family things happening and a cougar problem, we all mutually decided that right now is probably not the right time for a new dog. In the future we're happy to work with them to find a dog, but in the meantime Jack is still looking for his furever home.

We've been working really hard on Jack's Bolting Issue, and last night we had a minor escape and he didn't take off! We had just finished our gates and wanted to see how the dogs would react to a fenced in front porch.  Sure enough they were super excited to see what we had been doing making all that crazy noise, so after a few zoomies Jack stuck his head through the posts in our porch and slipped right out!    Not in our plans...   He did some zoomies around the front yard and behaved like a total punk, but he didn't leave the yard. And he came in for a nose touch when hubby called him. After a few swipes we were able to corral him back into the house but at least this even didn't involve us chasing him down the street! And now we know he can get out if he wants so we may be adding a few posts to our porch railing to make the gaps narrower.

To work on his bolting issue we also recently enlisted the help of one of my agility trainers, she teaches a class called, "Control Unleashed" based on a book written by Leslie McDevitt. She gave us some pointers regarding teaching doorway manners, both for house doors and the crate door. Jack is so smart, he's learning really fast that if he wants to go "out" he has to patiently wait for us to give the "ok". And she had some fun game ideas we hadn't thought of before! I love positive training!

It also helps that we've been working on him sitting before entering/exiting, and he already has amazing crate manners.

Have you guys ever had a pup that bolts? How did you manage to solve the issue?

Now get outside and go play!


  1. Congratulations on Graduating! I hope Jack finds his forever home soon. Control Unleashed is a really awesome book, that's great that you have your instructors help!

    1. Thanks! I'm thinking of picking the book up and reading it this summer. :-)

  2. Congratulations on the graduation!! That's such an accomplishment and you should be very proud of all your hard work. I'm sure Jack will be finding his forever home soon, but it sounds like he's made a lot of wonderful progress. He sure is one beautiful pup with those eyes. :)

    1. Thanks for the support! He certainly is a stunner. :-) People either love how he looks or think he looks scary. LoL It has been fun though watching him grow.

  3. He's such a gorgeous, wonderful boy. His new family will be so pleased with how much training and love you put into Jack. That special family is out there waiting for him =)

    1. Thanks! I'm pretty excited to help him find a family. :-) We're definitely keeping him until we find the perfect home though.

  4. Congrats! Finally, you can read a book without highlighting! We hope Jack finds his place very soon!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Haha! You're right!! First up on my list is Winter Dance by Gary Paulsen. It's about his adventure's running the iditarod, and some of his personal dog stories. :-)


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