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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I Love My Veterinarian

I thought that with school coming to an end things would get far that is not the case. In fact it seems like we've been busier than ever!

Back to the Vet's Office
I feel like I see my vet staff to often, on a good note I love the staff and we have an amazing Veterinarian. First it was Jack, getting him neutered, all checked out, and vaccinated. Then Dante broke a tooth, we had to have it looked at, then went back in for the extraction surgery, then the follow up appointments to make sure it was healing nicely.

And then last week Ziva developed weird injury like matching bumps on both of her front ankles, and they really did match which was the weird part - so we scheduled an appointment to have them looked at. Then the night before our appointment Ziva was sitting in hubby's lap and when she went to get down she seemed to have a muscle spasm and fell off of him onto the deck instead of hopping down as per usual. After that, she was gimping around pretty bad and not putting much weight on her back left leg - on a good note we already were seeing the vet the next day.

Did I say I love our Vet?  Our vets office has 3 different Veterinarians, our usual doctor is awesome but due to my work schedule we tried out one of the other vets for Ziva. The lady was a dream come true I've met her previously because she used to care for Sasja our now passed away retired K9 bomb detection dog. She had amazing bedside manner, handled Ziva gently and even sat on the floor just visiting with Ziva to make sure she wasn't nervous about it. She is the owner of the clinic, and comes with high recommendations from a friend of ours who takes his current Federal K9 Bomb Detection dog to her, and it turns out she sees all of our local law enforcement dogs! Which explains why she's always so busy and why we haven't had an appointment with her before.

From now on though I'll be sure we get our appointments with her! Ziva always has been nervous at the vets office, but she trusts me so I hold her, bring treats and a tennis ball for rewards and we generally have pretty smooth visits. But this one was super easy, Ziva was a little stressed but she was awesome and handled everything like a rockstar! I think it helped that the vet and one of my favorite technicians talked to her, and loved on her the whole time.

Sasja our retired K9 bomb detection dog.
The bumps on Ziva's front ankles had us all stumped, on a good note she said they aren't cancerous or anything dangerous like that, she seems to think Ziva grabbed something or maybe caught stickers in her skin from running through the tall grass. We're supposed to watch them for now and see if they will go away on their own.

Ziva's movement on the other hand caught her attention, she didn't show any signs of pain (but she is a tough little cookie) while the vet handled her leg, but after some stretching, poking, and prodding her gimp was back and more visible. We're hoping that she just over exercised/ over-played and maybe strained something.  Our vet put her on some anti-inflammatories and a Chinese herbal joint supplement to see if that will help, we already have her on a good glucosamine, and doctors orders to take it easy this week.  **Fingers crossed she'll bounce back on her own! If not, then we'll be doing some x-rays.

Hopefully she isn't developing problems with her stifle joint. I'd like to keep doing agility but not at the cost of Ziva's health.

Happy Tongue Out Tuesday!


  1. Happy Tongue Out Tuesday! I hope Ziva's leg will heal on its own and that no x-rays etc. are necessary!


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