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Friday, December 18, 2015

NoxGear LightHound Review 2

NoxGear Light Hound 
Dog Vest - Part 2

We absolutely love our NoxGear vests! 

Recently while out on a walk I had a truck pass us, slow down, pull off the road and compliment us on our vests. The nice gentleman said, "Thank you for wearing those! I can see you really well!"

With the return of our good ole' Oregon drizzle, I am constantly reminded about the need for safety. We have rain, fog, and just plain old drizzly gray days. It is easy to be unseen, especially with it getting dark starting at 4:30 in the afternoons. I'm guilty of having a dark colored clothing collection, what can I say? Black matches everything!

Even if you are walking on the sidewalk, be careful and don't assume drivers can see you. Watch for cars backing out of their driveway, if it's wet and dark you may be missed in their rear view mirror. I actually heard a story pretty recently where a black lab was hit by a car backing up out of the driveway while he was walking on the sidewalk with his owners. It was terrible! Thankfully the dog was ok, but still what a shock for everyone!

We've featured NoxGear's Light Hound vest before, but recently we received a second vest for Ziva and wanted to share their name with you guys again because they are having a holiday sale!

Our First Review Click - HERE

Thank you NoxGear for this fun invention! We've been putting our vests to good use!

In the morning we try to do a fun but hard workout for the pups, usually this is a fun game of fetch. If it's drizzly I'll still put the vests on the dogs, even if you don't turn the lights on these vests are very bright and retro-reflective which means that they shine much brighter when hit with light because the reflection bounces straight back towards its source as opposed to diffusing.

In the late afternoon when I get home, we do a walk, maybe playtime again outside, and some training time. I'll put the vests on, and then turn on the lights as the daylight fades.

Evening Zoomies!!
If you have a darkly colored dog you'll understand the problems we have with seeing Dante! His dark brindle becomes the perfect camouflage and he's just a walking shadow in the dark.

Unless of course he has his vest on! We love that these vests have allowed us to have an extended playtime!

Star Wars Blue!!
"The force is strong with this one."

Light Hound Vest
  • Water Proof
  • Machine Washable
  • Super Lightweight (5 ounces)
  • Don't Impede Your Dogs Movement (I love that the straps are across the ribs and not running under the dogs legs)
  • Adjustable Fit
  • Rechargeable Batteries with Long Life. (Comes with a micro-usb for recharging.)
  • Different Flashing Modes or Solid Color Options
  • Retro-Reflective Straps
  • Super Bright!
Keep in mind that this vest does not have a leash attachment, it is designed to be used in tandem with a harness or collar for your dog. But don't let this deter you, it's nice and adjustable and we haven't had any issues fitting the vest on over our dogs bulky rain coats, just slide over the head and adjust the straps as needed.

Accurate Size Chart:

Dante  Size Large - 75 pounds, 19.5" neck.
Ziva Size Medium - 50 pounds, 18" neck.

Easy to Wash

The vest goes on super easily, you just slide it over your dogs' head and buckle it around the rib cage. It also comes apart easily for washing, the vest portion you can just toss in the washing machine, the light portion you hand wash in the sink.

Here it is taken apart in it's two pieces.
This vest is extremely well made, both Dante and Ziva have been putting their vests through the gauntlet! Lots of zoomies, rolling in the grass/mud, and some awesome pibble style chase and tackle games.

The vests are holding up beautifully, they still look brand new, and neither dog has had any issues with chafing because the straps stay well away from their legs.

You can see the strap well behind her front leg in this shot!
I've got to admit, if it were not for these vests we probably wouldn't get outside in the dark as much. Now I don't have an excuse! I can no longer say, "Aww shucks guys, it's too dark to go for a walk!" Which is another good part of this vest, it is helping myself and the pups from packing on those holiday pounds.

"I'm coming for my toy mom, hand it over!"

Here is Ziva and I practicing her loose leash walking skills, having foster dogs in the house has recently upset our training schedule but we're getting back into it! Especially with Mikey (now Sampson) having been adopted!

If you or your pups need a good light up vest for those night time walks now is the time to get them! They would also make for fun stocking stuffers and not just for dog owners, runners, bicyclists, hikers...pretty much anyone who likes to get outside could benefit from a vest.

Now head on over to and check them out!

100% DZ Dog Approved!

FitDog Friday

This post was sponsored by NoxGear, however all opinions are our own and we do not endorse products that we don't 100% support for safety and usability.  NoxGear is not responsible for the content of this article.


  1. So smart for heavily wooded areas or night walks!

  2. Those are great - I have just one of those little lights that attaches to their collar - these are much better.

  3. Thanks for the reminder about those awesome vests...I suppose now would be the time to get a vest with their great deal!!!

  4. We ran into a woman wearing one of these out running the other day and had to check them out online. Mom has ordered one for herself as we think they are awesome this time of year!

  5. I want one of these! I walk Nola every night around 10 or so, and could really use one of these. Great review!

    1. Nola would look super cute in a flashy vest! We'd love to see a picture if you get one!

  6. Wow. I like how bright that vest is. We understand what it's like to walk on cloudy. dreary and sometimes dark days here in Seattle. I know that pedestrians have the right-a-way but I wish more people would be proactive like you. I try and try to watch for people when I am driving but sometimes I can't see them when they are wearing dark clothes on a grey day or they are standing in one of the few blind spots for my car. I remember what it feels like when I am driving trying to watch for people so I'm always watchful as a pedestrian and use reflective or lighted things on my walks Chester and Gretel.


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