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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dear Nasty Dog Owner.

Dear Nasty Dog Owner.

A letter I would love to write, but won't, for fear of the coward doing something in retaliation.

Editors Note - 
The field is privately owned by a local church, dogs are allowed off leash in the field because it is private property. The church doesn't mind people using and playing in the field but they do want dog owners to clean up after themselves.

I see you coming as you pull up in your silver van, you park where you always park. I wish you'd pick a different neighborhood, you don't live around here and yet you insist on walking through our neighborhood nearly daily.

I see you letting your dog out, I call Ziva to me in case your dog decides to make a break for it and come running at us. Thankfully you were smart enough to pick the far side of the field, and it's a big enough field if you have a dog that stays close to you. My girl does.

She's here with me to play ball, we didn't come for your stress, but just in case you don't control your dog - know that I will defend my girl. I will have the leash on her before your dog can get to us, because her recall is solid. And I am prepared to spray your dog if he tries to attack her.

I'm going to keep watching you, I hope it makes you uncomfortable and you leave.

Ideally I'd like it if you quit coming. Although this is a field dog owners are allowed to use, its people like you who fail to clean up that get the rest of us banned.

 I see your dog squatting, sure enough you aren't going to clean it up. I know you know I saw that. I won't confront you again though, last time I did you were very rude to me. And Ziva's safety is my #1 priority, being leash reactive to strange dogs i'm not putting her in a situation to fail so we're just going to stay over here and keep playing ball.

I love to play with Ziva, she relaxes me. We do leg weaves, sit pretty, down stays, sit stays, circles through my legs, nose touches, she rolls over. All for the love of the game!

I'm sorry you're so angry, but hitting and kicking your dog because they won't stay or sit is not how I get Ziva to listen to me.

I'm sure you're just jealous and thus trying to copy us from a distance, can you see how relaxed my body language is? It's like a dance. If I talk to Ziva it is in a quiet voice unless i'm calling her to me in which case i'm VERY LOUD. But she doesn't cower, quake, or attempt to duck me.  Unlike your dog.  I can see you trying to show me that your dog can do down stays, but I don't count your attempts. Hitting your dog with the chuck-it do not make for a solid down stay. I don't count those.

Watch me walk away from her. She will stay for me.

Watch me throw the ball, you can't see her quiver with anticipation - you're too far away. But watch her continue to stay.

Watch me call her to, "look" at me. See her head turn? Perfect eye contact.

Now watch me release her.

See her fly? That's my pretty girl.

I hope you learned something today, and I hope you never come back. What you don't see is me picking up after your dog, I made a mental note where your package was left. Next time I might leave it on your window in a nicely tied little baggy of course. Because after all, you do always park in the same spot and I believe I found something that is yours.


  1. It's people just like this a hole dog owner that totally spoil it for the rest of us who are responsible and considerate dog owners. They annoy me to death.

  2. It's these kinds of people that ruin things for responsible owners! This could be here if you replaced field with beach.

  3. Ugh, those irresponsible dog owners are SO incredibly annoying. I'm sorry you have to deal with one of them.

  4. I'd video them at some point, so if there is an issue in the future, you have some proof of what they are doing/acting like. If it were to get really bad, for example, the church could always specifically tell that person they are not welcome. Though I think it would take something really bad like their dog attacking you or one of your dogs to justify complaining to the church about it.

    1. Next time i'm definitely breaking out the video camera. I really don't like this guy.

  5. If he's any kind of human being, your behavior with Ziva could be that letter to him.

  6. I know you pick up after that person's dog more out of necessity - because you want to be able to continue to use the field - but thank you. This person sounds like a jerk. Why can't people just be kind and respectful to each other... and their dogs.


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