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Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Time To Be Thankful

A Time To Be Thankful.

We've been super busy of late, trying to get Eddie adopted, Mikey's allergies under control, training Dante for his first flyball competition, and of course paying lots of attention to the princess.

I don't know how other families with 3+ dogs do it! I thought having Jack was a handful, but having four dogs has proved a great challenge.  It's really not that bad, but it is way more cleaning, lots of poop to cleanup in the back yard, more food, and I feel like my attention is constantly being torn into pieces. Everyone needs something from mommy and occasionally I find myself locked in the bedroom with just one dog so that I can give some love and have a mental quiet time.

Usually this time is with Ziva, she's my easy going gal who is always on the outskirts of the crazy boys. She's a lot like me actually, she needs some quiet time and personal attention. She's not to pushy about her needs, but she does get grouchy if she's being ran over constantly by the boys.

I'll admit, with life being so hectic I've been more than just a little stressed recently. I've had to make a conscious effort to slow down, breathe, relax, and just chill.

Eddie & Mikey are doing great! We're still working on the whole anxiety thing, amazingly enough they do much better when they are separated from each other. And surprisingly the boys aren't that attached to each other, i'm guessing maybe the age factor? Mikey has however become quite attached to me, and I thought Ziva was my only shadow! Between Mikey and Ziva I don't have a moment of alone time, they patiently and quietly follow me around the house. If I sit on the couch they are in my lap, if I am at the computer they are under my desk, if i'm cooking they are laying in the kitchen watching me...bathroom? Yup you guessed it, their is no privacy in this house!  And don't even think about closing that door to take a shower, nope - Mikey whines at the door the whole time. He prefers to sit on the shower rug and warm it for my feet.

Dogs are such wonderful creatures, i'm convinced they were put here to keep humans company and to make sure we smile.

Eddie kind of does his own thing, he likes to be in the same room but sometimes the movement of the younger dogs seems to stress him out and he'll take refuge on his bed from a distance and just watch. On a good note, we've had a couple people inquire about Eddie! Wish us luck, it was just an initial contact and those often fall through - but you never know!

Even though we missed out on a Thanksgiving post, I still wanted to take time to be thankful.
We are thankful for: 

Jack's New Home.
Jack is doing great!! His new family is absolutely amazing, and they update me all the time. Jack has settled in perfectly and they adore him. We are thankful for the time we had with Jack, and very thankful for his amazing new home!

Being able to foster.
Not many people are able to open up their homes, be it time, expense, or just life. We are thankful that we are able to open up our house for fostering dogs. It's certainly not easy, we had Jack for 6 months and became very attached to him. Part of the attachment being that when you put so much time and training into a dog you don't want to see it go to waste. I'm so glad we did though! He is soo happy with his new family!

And since we were able to find Jack a home, we were available when Eddie and Mikey needed an emergency foster home.

First picture of the boys.

For a patient fur-family.
I am thankful for patient kitties, they have been great about tolerating new dogs in the house and they certainly help to lay down the ground rules!
I am also so grateful that Dante is full of love and spunk! He has never had any problems with any other dog, his easy going demeanor has allowed us to bring in new dogs and he makes them feel welcome by inviting them to play.

A video posted by DZ Dog Mom (@dzdogadventures) on

Ziva is a bit harder sometimes, but I am thankful for her patience and helping teach the new guys the rules of the house. Thank you Dante, Ziva, Merlot & Belle (our two kitties) for being so patient with the newcomers.

For a supportive human family!
Dz Dog Aunt I have mentioned before, is currently living with us while she finishes her degree. I am thankful for her help in caring for the critters in our home, and for her patience when silly me brings home not one, but two new fosters!
I'm also thankful for our family, parents, siblings, for being supportive of their dog crazy sister, daughter/daughter in law.

For my awesome hubby!
I am thankful for Dz Dog dad! He is just awesome, he's always their for us, he supports my desire to help dogs/foster/train, and our new found love of flyball. He also helps train and troubleshoot when I need to creatively solve a doggy issue. I couldn't do it without him!

For a great network of friends.
Without friends like you, we wouldn't be able to find such great homes for our fosters. Thank you for helping us spread the word, and for supporting the different rescue groups we rally for on Facebook!

Thankful for Zumba!
I need time to myself sometimes, and zumba lets me get it all out! I can feel the stress melt away and come home in a much better mindset. The dogs are thankful for this too, because a stressed out mama is no way to have any fun. 

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  1. Great post! I'm so glad that Jack is doing so good with his new family! I hope Eddie and Mikey find forever families soon, too!

    1. Thank you!
      I'm certainly looking forward to just having Dante and Ziva on their own, after these two boys i'm taking a much needed break. :-)

  2. Lots to be thankful for! So great that you're able to take in foster dogs. And I'm happy Jack's doing well.

  3. This is wonderful. And it's a good reminder. Sometimes I get so caught up in trying to do rescue work (with cats, in my case) that I forget to step back and thank my animals for the rescue work THEY do to help me. I couldn't do it without them.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

    1. Very true! Doing rescue is certainly a family effort, if I couldn't get Ziva to blend with our fosters we wouldn't be able to foster. Her mental health and well being is a priority for us. :-)

  4. Yay for the Jack pupdate! I enjoy fostering as well, although with 4 dogs & 3 cats in my home, we don't do it often, but it is rewarding

    1. WHEW! I commend you! I don't know how you do it with four dogs alone. :-)

  5. Such a wonderful post. I think dogs are here to make us smile too!! It is awesome all you are doing to foster dogs and help them be loved until they find their forever homes!!

  6. Thank you for sharing what you're thankful for! And a big thank you for reminding me to make some time for JUST ME from time to time. No one wants to deal with a stressed Mommy for sure!!!

    1. No, my dogs would agree that a stressed out mommy is the WORST. Sometimes a glass of wine and a bubble bath are needed. ;-)

  7. Great post! It's so awesome Jack is doing well with his family. Hope Eddie finds a home soon!

  8. I love the idea of thankfulness. I think in general so many people find it hard to focus on the positive with so many negative people and events happening in this world. In 2014 I started focusing on the good things, no matter how small and found it was so much easier (and I was so much happier!) for it.

    I'm thankful that despite all the crud that goes on in this world, there are still people who find goodness and find it in their hearts to help others, whether it be human or animal.

    Thank you for opening your home and your heart to help these precious guys live the life they deserve.

    1. Thank you Julie. :-)
      It's easy to get caught up in all of the negativity, I'm trying hard to avoid most of the nasty online social media stuff. Focusing on what is important and right now, is certainly helping. We have so much to be thankful for! And being surrounded by awesome blog buddies certainly helps keep the kindness and loving train going. <3

  9. Great post! I forget to take care of me sometimes. With 5 dogs and all the other animals, not to mention the humans, I forget that I need a break too! Glad to hear everybody is doing great.

  10. This is a wonderful post. It is great you are available to help these doggies. So sorry about the hop last Thursday. Mr. Linky's hosting company was having issues. I think things will be back to normal this week. :)

  11. PepiSmartDog: Sorry I'm so late getting here. *blushes*
    What a great post - I read it right through and decided you and Ziva should do Zumba together!
    Things sounded pretty hectic, but you sure do have a great list of happy thankful things too, which make your life rich.
    Thanks for always joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop - we really appreciate your support. *waves paws* :=o)


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