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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Foster Pupdate! Happy Boys!

Best Gift of All!

We've had quite the busy year with fosters! As a family we've decided that we need to take a little bit of a break after Eddie is adopted out. Looks like we'll be moving late spring/early summer, and the idea of packing up our house and all our fur babies is a bit daunting especially with extra pups thrown into the mix.

But what a great year we've had!

Remember Captain Jack?

We had Jack for 6 months, can you believe it?! But truth be told, he needed that much time because he truly was a wild child and practically feral when we got him. You can read more about him HERE - Meet Jack and how we came to have him HERE - A Dog Kind of Week.

Jack put us through the gauntlet, he was a thief (thankfully he didn't destroy the things he stole), he was a major runaway risk, he was a counter surfer, garbage diving, escape artist who figured out how to pop his crate open without exiting through the door (we had to zip tie the edges together so he couldn't dismantle it), he was also incredibly smart, super snuggly, great with other dogs and cats, and mildly protective/suspicious of strangers.

Jack stole our hearts but we knew he'd be better off probably as an only child so that he could be spoiled and given 100% of the attention, he really loved to be the center of attention.  My Journey With Jack - HERE

Well Jack is doing great in his new home!

His family periodically sends me pictures and updates, he's the perfect match for them and they are having a wonderful Christmas season sharing their love with Jack. They do lots of hiking and running so he gets tons of exercise and he's the perfect adventure buddy.

He's also a darn cute reindog!

Great News!!

Eddie is having his first trial run with a family for Christmas! Paws crossed, we think this is a great match!! We had a meet and greet with the whole family last night and they wanted to keep him for a sleepover. If all goes well, we will finalize his adoption after Christmas! Yay for Eddie!

Adopting a senior is such a great gift. He's a perfect dog, wonderful house manners, gentle, sweet, great with kids/cats/other dogs...all he needs is a family to call his own and I think we found him one! Keep your paws crossed for him!

How we came to have Mikey & Eddie - HERE - And Then There Were Four.  And more on Mikey & Eddie HERE - Full House!

More on Mikey, now Sampson!

Mikey now named Sampson, is loving his new home! He's in stuffed toy heaven and his new mommy can't get enough of his wiggly butt and squishy face, Merry Christmas Sampson and family!!

Stuffie Mass Destruction!

Sampson with his new brother Tucker.

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  1. WOW!!!! You couldn't ask for a Merrier Christmas! Please keep us updated about Eddie. I was so hoping he would have his own family for Christmas.

    1. It's official as of yesterday! New post coming up!

  2. I was wondering how they were doing. Thanks for updating!

  3. That's great. I suck at fostering (as in they never leave). It takes a special person to be able to open up your heart (and home) only to turn around and give the animal to someone else. I just don't have that fortitude. Thankfully for these dogs, you do. I think it's great that the new families keep you posted. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!

  4. Chapeau to you guys for all the fostering you've done this year - and lots of energy for your move in 2016!
    P.S. I just love Jack's eyes. So expressive!!

    1. Jack has the most stunning eyes i've ever seen in a dog. :-) He's a pretty neat dog.

  5. So glad everyone is doing well. It's always such a great feeling when you know your former fosters are doing well and happy in their new home.

  6. Congratulations on your successes! Fingers crossed that everything works out for Eddie. It makes sense to take a break while you go through the process of moving...that can be stressful enough with just your own dogs (we'll most likely me going through it as well so I understand!).
    Happy Holidays to you and your whole family!
    Jan & the crew at Wag 'n Woof Pets


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