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Monday, November 16, 2015

And Then There Were Four.

Foster Time!

It is Mischief Monday right?

Well I guess that is appropriate based on how my weekend went. Oh! Where to start!

A little over a week ago these two boys found themselves homeless when their owner passed away unexpectedly. I know I always said we were capped at 3 dogs but I couldn't get their sad faces out of my head! It reminded me too much of our first foster that we rescued from an abusive family member when her loving owner passed away.

These two boys spend the last week at our local animal shelter while it was straightened out who had custody over them. The owner had no real family, and her next living kin said, "No" to taking responsibility or care over the dogs.
Thankfully though she had a friend who wants to find awesome new forever homes for the boys and she has some connections with Luvable Dog Rescue, though Luvable couldn't take them - they were able to issue a shout out for help! And that's where we came in.

I was told the boys were very friendly and good with both cats and dogs.
So after speaking to hubby and Dz Dog aunt (who is currently living with us while she finishes school) we came up with a plan of action.

Having only 24 hours to decide if we were taking them before the shelter assumed custody I grabbed some leashes and an awesome girlfriend of mine and we were off to do a personality evaluation!
Initially I was thinking I'd have to decide which boy to leave behind, this broke my heart. After meeting them both I was totally smitten and decided that temporarily at least I could foster them together.

Meet Handsome Eddie! He's a 9 year old mutt mix, just a good old heinz 57 mutt. He's bigger than you think though! He's the tallest dog in the house and weighed in at 80 pounds!

And Mikey! He's about 2 or 3 years old and for sure a boxer mix, but mixed with what? Maybe American Bully, or just Bulldog. He's short with a boxer face and he's so sweet! He's practically Dante's mini twin!

Dante on the right, Mikey on the left!
The first night was kind of rough, both boys had massive anxiety that made Ziva especially grumpy. And they were super dirty, so after spending at least an hour and a half walking all the dogs and doing slow introductions with everyone it was bath time.

Turns out that Mikey loves the water! He kept trying to chomp it! Eddie was not thrilled about the bath, but afterwards they were squeaky clean and the dirty greasy dog smell and feel was gone.

Look squeaky clean!
They've had the weekend to settle in a bit, Mikey is kind of crate trained. Eddie is not but he's learning. Mikey has had a few accidents in the house so we're working on potty training, I'm thinking all of his recent stress has set him back because according to what I was told he should already be potty trained. And thank goodness they are both cat and dog friendly!

I'll have better pictures up soon, it was a busy weekend to say the least. Right now we're working on setting up a foster family for Eddie, he has a hard time getting up on my stairs and I think he'd be happier in a lower energy house. Both boys are learning basic manners such as sitting to come inside, having their feet wiped before entering the house, sitting in general, laying down, and going to their crates. I also picked up some easy walk harnesses because they have clearly not spend any time on a leash. I like using the gentle leaders but Mikey's nose is to snub for it to stay on and he pulls so hard against his collar i'm worried about him injuring himself.

On a good note, looks like I have a friend who is willing to take Eddie! Tonight Eddie has a vet appointment, and if the vet gives us the all clear i'll be setting up when he leaves with my friend! Poor Eddie has some lumps that are quite concerning so please wish us luck!

Mikey is also going to need a vet visit, it's just not as pressing of an issue as Eddie's.

Another awesome piece of news? We just found out that their is a lady who is willing to sponsor Eddie and Mikey! This means she's going to chip in monthly to help cover the costs of their food, treats, and veterinary care until they are adopted!

Meet the new crew!

Meet the crew! I always said we were capped at 3 dogs... Well we got "brothers", Eddie is a 9year old Heinz 57 mutt, Mikey is a 2yr American bully/boxer mix. They are such sweet dogs, very dog friendly, very good with my cats, decent indoor manners and are learning the rules pretty quick! They're learning crate training (Mikey's got it!) And we're dealing with some mild anxiety. But no reactivity issues! Sadly their owner passed away, I stepped in to prevent them from being turned over to the shelter but I can't have 4 dogs its just a bit too much for me so we're looking for homes or a foster to take Eddie. 💓💓💓💓 If you know anyone in lane county Oregon let me know! #fosterdogs #fostersavealife #doglovers #adoptdontshop #rescue #rescueadvocate #packlife #bullylovers #bullylife #fostermom
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Stay tuned! More to come soon!
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  1. They are so cute! I hope they find forever families soon! Thank you so much for taking them on! <3

  2. How exciting! They are such cuties! I can't wait to have a larger home to foster. It's hard to say no to those faces :)

  3. Thank you for taking them in! They're adorable. Good luck to all of you!

  4. Wow, busy for sure. I think this is such an important way to serve. Awesome!!

  5. Man, I head to the wilderness of NJ and look at what I missed.

    Off to catch up on the rest of the tale.


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