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Friday, November 6, 2015

Fall Fun!

It's finally started raining in true Oregon fashion. I wake up and snuggle closer to Ziva while listening to the rain pound on the roof. In one day we'll have fog, misty rain so fine you can't hardly see it, and giant raindrops that soak you in a matter of seconds. To say the dogs are not impressed would be an understatement.

See this face? That would be Ziva telling me in no way is she going to be talked outside to go potty in the WET grass.  "Not a chance mom."

At this point my dogs know what it means when I drag their silly selves outside and tell them to, "go potty."  We had a minor potty strike a couple days ago, but they know they can't outlast forever. So they've finally started running straight into the grass, going potty, and then running full blast back into the house in a bowling for mommy fashion. I'm lucky if I can get them to stop and let me wipe their feet!

Well the past two days we've had sunshine, so we've been taking full advantage of field playtime.

And thank you to daylight savings....ugh... can't we just get rid of it yet?

Anyways it gets so darn dark so quickly that we're getting tons of use out of our NoxGear vests!! We reviewed the doggy vest last month HERE, but they also have human ones and we have both. All i'm missing is a vest for Ziva! (This is not a paid promotional post, we purchased these vests on our own and just love them!)

The other night we were out walking, and I could hear some little voices on the sidewalk up ahead of us but since they were wearing all dark colors we couldn't see them until they were practically right next to us. All I heard when I first saw the little girl was, "DOGGY!!!"  Thankfully my pups love children and are not shy about it, I usually have them ask their parents still before running up to us but she was so quick next thing I know she's wrapped her tiny little arms all around Dante's neck and he was just loving it!  I was quick to let the mom know my dogs love children and are very well behaved because she panicked when she swiped and couldn't catch her toddler in time.

The little girl's older brother love the vests and definitely thought they looked like TRON vests from the movie. After a bunch of love and kisses with the kids we moved on.  I hope I inspired the mom to look into getting at least one vest, or in the very least putting some blinky lights on her kids for walking home in the dark.

Now you see the whole dog...
BOOM light up vest in the dark!!
If you don't have a vest we highly recommend getting one, they are USB rechargeable, retro-reflective, waterproof, and comes apart easily to be washed! And they are not very expensive, in fact NoxGear is having a 25% off sale right now for fall. You can visit them at:

Anyways - light or dark, rain or shine, get out and get some exercise to fight off those seasonal blues! It's fun to get all wet and muddy sometimes!

Have a happy Fit Dog Friday!!
How do you fight off the seasonal blues?

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  1. We love this time of year. We enjoy long morning walks in the dark, all alone, it's so peaceful,and the darker evenings make things more cozy. Can't wait for cold and snow to arrive. Super cool vests, I hope they are real durable at that price! We had many different lit up collars, etc, and they always quit working fairly quickly.

    1. So far so good! I am not sure if they have a warranty or not.. My vest i've had for going on two years now and it's still awesome. :-)

  2. I wish we would get rid of daylight savings time too! I love fall in NY, and me and my dogs are looking forward to the winter! Hope we hear more from Jack's new family

    1. I love winter! I keep hoping for some snow so that we can go snowshoeing!

  3. I am not a fan of it being dark at 5:30 each day. I love those vests though and it might make early nights more bearable!

    1. I hate that it gets dark so fast when I get off of work, I barely have time to do anything outside!
      But yes the flashy vests are a lot of fun!

  4. HA, excellent advice to fight off the seasonal blues - and YES, can we please get rid of daylight savings time? So annoying. We go for our walks every day though, rain or shine - thankfully the pups don't have a problem going out in it (obviously I won't make them go outside in the pouring rain, but normal rain is doable with their Ruffwear Cloud Chaser Jackets. I just love them - also didn't receive them for free but purchased them because they're just great).

    The vests you mentioned seem pretty fabulous to me - we don't have any of those, only some clip-on lights for the pups' collars. Great idea!

    1. I love ruffwear! We have their K9 overcoat for walking in the rain, and Ziva has the quinzee. They definitely are my favorite place for doggy gear. :-)

  5. It rained in CA for the first time in forever and all the animals were freaking out! They forgot what rain was! That light up harness is pretty awesome. Thanks for joining the Pet Parade this week! ~RascalandRocco


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