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Friday, November 20, 2015

How Do You Exercise a Bulldog?

Fit Dog Friday!

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"How Do You Exercise a Bulldog?"
This has been driving us crazy, hubby is out of town so no running - this here mama hates running! I'll stick to my zumba thank you!
Bicycle? Nope, too wet and he's still not good on a leash.
Fetch? Nope he's not interested in a tennis ball...
Tug? For sure he'll tug! Nope, not into tugging with me either...

What is this magical new toy?!  It's a Jolly Ball!!!
And he's certainly a jolly bulldog with it!
It took me a few minutes of helping him figure out how to play with it, but he certainly figured it out! And I got him to tug with me a little bit.

Dante even loved the silly jolly ball! Dante has never played with one until now, so after playing with Mikey by himself I took Dante out alone. I asked him to sit, took the leash off, released him, he grabbed the jolly ball and took off with it! I wish I had a video, Dante went nuts! He ran in circles shaking it the whole time, and got even more excited when I would throw it. It was so cute!

Now we're working on teaching Mikey to play with others, it's a bit slow going. He's certainly got a bulldog personality, he quickly became obsessed with the jolly ball. He'll let me take it from him, but when Dante tries to play with him it can turn serious pretty quickly. On a good note, no one has been hurt and we very carefully monitor play time. As soon as we see the game changing to a more serious note we end the game and redirect both dogs to something else. I'm hoping in time he'll learn to play with Dante for longer periods!

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Happy Fit Dog Friday! Both Eddie and Mikey are fitting in great at our house! No problems, and Mikey hasn't had an accident for 4 days so I think we're past it! **Crossing fingers, knocking on wood...not jinxing myself.**

Last night was the first night I let Mikey sleep on the bed with us, I've been having him sleep in his crate just to get him used to the routine. He did awesome, took him a few minutes to settle then he slept like a big baby! And he has such a cute little snore.. My kitty even slept with us like normal despite the fact that Mikey was on the bed. Eddie prefers the dog bed/floor, I think he is more comfortable spreading completely out. And our bed is super tall, Mikey has such short stubby legs he can't quite make it so I have to lift him. Dante and Ziva jump up just fine, but when Ziva's tired I have to lift her too. Hahaha! The things we do for our dogs, right?

His poor eyes are still red and a bit gooey.
Mikey is still getting his coconut oil massages nightly, and the eye drops. So far his skin isn't getting worse but i'm also not seeing it getting much better. But we're sticking to it!

We've certainly got our hands full, but at least everyone is doing great!

FitDog Friday
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  1. So glad you found a good release for his energy!

    1. Me too! I was worried i'd have to take up running! :-)

  2. Playing tug a war together is an awesome workout for both dogs. Glad you found something for them.

  3. That jolly ball looks like fun. I've seen them but they look kinda heavy for Honey. I wish someone would make a big beach ball with a handle. I bet she'd love it.

    Bet you'll be happy to see your sweetie come home. 4 dogs is a lot for one person to manage. Especially when two are just learning.

    1. It's actually a super light ball! Honey could easily play with it especially if she likes to tug!
      Yes, looking forward to my hubby being home. On a good note Dz Dog Aunt is still living with us (until she graduates in June) so she helps out a bit!

  4. Ha! I wish I could find something like that for B that she would enjoy. She's pretty much a hiker and a stick chewer and that's about it. Unless of course, I foster a puppy again - then her inner puppy comes out and she'll play like she did with Linus.

    Glad you found something he likes! I have an old ottoman that B has to use to get up and down from the bed. There's no way I am lifting her. ;)

    1. I've thought about stairs...I like the ottoman idea! That's brilliant!

  5. It's great you found an exercise method that works for him. Mr. N is not a big fetcher or tugger either.

  6. That's awesome you found a toy he wanted to play with! Sometimes it's tough figuring out what they like and don't like. It took us a while to figure Zoe out when we got her! She didn't like any of the toys we bought her!

  7. I'm glad you found something that worked. That would be too big for my little pups.

  8. Those are such great exercise toys. My "granddog" has one and she loves it.

  9. I just read all 3 posts at, you have taken on a lot, but it sounds like things are going pretty good! I admire you for taking all that on, and helping these boys out. Good job finding the toy that worked! We have so many toys around here, trying to keep Luke entertained. He has a short attention span....loves one toy one time and then has no interest in it!
    We have stairs that go up to our bed! :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  10. Love that black and white dog photo of him sleeping! Glad her got to play till he was all tuckered out ~RascalandRocco


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