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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Reader Update

Ziva says, "Sleep - Stop Talking Mom."

Nap Time on the couch!

I feel like I've left a few issues hanging and would like to wrap up with a quick update for my readers:

1. Facing your Fear - the husky and wolf hybrid that escaped only to be returned to a neglectful owner.
After calling animal control - I received a call back saying that the city has dealt with these owners before regarding their dogs having escaped. They are not allowed to have 4 dogs inside city limits and the officer thought the family had re-homed the hybrid months ago. Well this week the officer I spoke with said he'd do a "welfare check" on the animals and offer help to the family regarding re-homing a dog/financial help if they need help covering food bills. Hopefully the hybrid will find a loving family.

2. Off to a Rough Start - How to Not Handle a Stray/Lost Dog - the Samoyed that was lost and bit me.
I've now seen this dog 4 times (twice in my yard) my neighbor also recently spotted him trotting around in our area dragging a leash behind him. This frustrates me as he is not friendly and his family obviously cannot control or keep him in. He's a confident male dog that is unfriendly toward humans and won't be caught. I'm worried he's going to get hit by a car and I would love to find his home to report the family and have them cover my Urgent Care bill. We've reported him to animal control each time we've seen him and have attempted to lure him into fenced yards but he won't be caught! Latest sighting was last night and he tried to start a fight with Dante (would be a bad decision on his part if he had succeeded), if we see him again we're going to take a bicycle and try to follow him home.

3. My Dog is a Picky Eater - Dante the Snob (but I love him anyways!)
Thank you so much for your help, suggestions, and support! I am happy to report that Dante held out but finally caved and ate his dinner last night and some breakfast this morning!

Did I miss anything?

Sorry this was not so "wordless" again! I'm trying to get better.  ;-)



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