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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cascade Lakes Relay

Dante Helping Make Burgers!
The advantages & Rewards of "Pawsitive Pet Training".

My husband and I enjoy cooking as well as entertaining large groups of people. I don't know's just fun!  For the past several years my mom has run the Cascade Lakes Relay (CLR) with a group of friends/coworkers/family (all runners of course) and after every race they celebrate with a yummy dinner for all of their hard work! Well, last years dinner was a bust so my mom asked me if she could volunteer our services (my husband and I) for cooking/prepping dinner for the 2014 race. Everyone agreed and here we are spending a nice relaxing weekend for us, while everyone else races!

Map of the Course

The race is a total of 216.6 miles long, and most teams consist of 12 people. Unless you are on an Ultra Team which consists of 4-6 people, my mom was on the Ultra Team and they had 6. They split the course into legs and divide accordingly, my mom for example ran somewhere around 36 miles (not consecutively, just total). And the race takes over 24 hours to complete so you do end up running in the dark.
BTW - I think they are nuts! Hence I do the cooking, because I love my mama and want to support her crazy sports that she enjoys so much. 

The runners I should mention really enjoy the race, to keep things fun the race has little mini competitions such as a crazy costume contest, wig contest (my mom won!!), van decoration contests, and night light up contest.

crazy wig contest 2014
That's My Mama! Her toilet paper wig won!
Click here for more pictures of the Spirit of CLR Contests.
Elevation for the Course
Anyways we had a blast cooking (we fed 22 people total), both dogs got to join us and they loved meeting all the people. Plus they got to play all day! 

What was really nice is that we were able to show people how awesome bully breeds are! We have spent a lot of time training these guys from day 1 they entered our lives and they did us proud over the weekend. 

They listened, came when called, went to their beds when asked, off leash heeled, did not jump on people, didn't beg, were very polite about not being pushy for attention and we barely leashed them. 
They stayed right with us the whole time we were outside. Everyone loved them, they got tons of compliments for their good behavior, lots of hugs and kisses and they ended up getting lots of naughty food. *Normally we do no allow them to eat people food, but they figured out real quick that by not begging...they could casually walk over to someone, stand right next to them politely (not leaning or giving begging eyes), and odds were in their favor that the person would give them some sort of treat.* They were being so good around all the people that we didn't interfere. Plus we were invited back to use the vacation house with the dogs because the owner loved how well mannered they were both in and outside!

Be Good Breed Ambassadors!
We are very proud parents.

Play Time in Beautiful Sisters Oregon
So Many Smells! Like sage, we love sage.
Throw the ball dad!

It got really hot - Ziva enjoying the cool grass.
Resting next to the BBQ
Dante soaking up the love.

We did burgers, hot dogs, macaroni salad, salad and other fun things for the runners!

Happy Summer Time BBQ! Way to go CLR runners!



  1. Thanks for joining this months Positive Pet Training Blog Hop. That looks like a really fun event and is a great example of the payoff's of all of the joys of life with well-trained dogs. Oh, and I also love sage (and Sisters!)

    1. Thanks! I enjoyed looking around at your blog hop! We'll be back next month. :-) Anytime we can encourage people about all the fun they can have with well mannered dogs we do. And we enjoy reminding others that its never to early or too late to start!

  2. It's always nice when your dog(s) get praised for their good behavior. I try not to let people give Mr. N food because they often give him inappropriate food (he has a delicate stomach sometimes) or food in huge quantities (for him anyway).

    1. Mr. N is cute! Dante is my sensitive tummy guy, we're generally very picky about what he eats especially since he has a known chicken allergy. On a good note though, the random bits and pieces from the runners didn't seem to upset him (granted their was no chicken). But people food is certainly not part of their diet! :-)


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