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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Kefir Blueberry Smoothie

Boring stuff first: I am not a veterinarian nor do I claim to be an animal nutrition expert. What you give your animals is at your own risk. I always do research before I give my dogs a new food, please consult a veterinarian if you have any questions.

Thursday Fun!

Kefir - is a creamy dairy based food made from goats or cows milk. Also known as a "Probiotic Drink", its very similar to yogurt but runnier and contains more beneficial bacteria. Kefir, yogurt, real cheese (not processed cheeses/cheese food such as cheese whiz and velveeta), and cottage cheese are all safe to give to your dog. Kefir is said to help promote normal bowel functions, lower flatulence, and build a healthier digestive process within the body. When picking kefir for your dog get one that is plain, and has no added sugars or flavors.
  • Good source of probiotics
  • High in calcium, iodine, and vitamin D
  • Good source of heart healthy omega fatty acids
  • Helps your pet recover if they have been on antibiotics
  • Contains B Complex vitamins, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D, magnesiuem and phosphorus
  • Contains tryptophan an essential amino acid
  • Helps prevent illness by building natural immunity
  • Contains natural antibiotics and has strong any-fungal properties
  • Promotes faster healing of wounds
  • Assists in treating intestinal disorders, IBS, and constipation
  • Easy to digest
Bananas - Contain 3 natural sugars and fiber. They give you a boost of energy and are a staple of atheletes around the world.
  • Contains tryptophan - a protein that the body converts into serotonin, known to help you relax and feel happier (great for depression)
  • Vitamin B6 -regulates blood glucose levels
  • Natural antacid
  • Keeps blood sugars up so as to avoid morning sickness
  • High in B vitamins, iron, fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants
  • Low in sodium
Flax Seed - Rich source of anticarcinogens and omege-3 fatty acids. Good for their coats and seems to help with arthritis in dogs. 
  • Low in calories, fat, and sodium.
  • High in Fiber and Protein
  • Decreases inflammation
Blueberries  - Considered to be a superfood!  Animals who eat blueberries have been known to have lower fat levels.
  • High in antioxidants, fiber, and phytochemicals
  • Cardiovascular health benefits
  • Controls your bodies sugar levels
  • High in fiber, manganese, and vitamin K - improves heart function and lowers the risk of strokes.
  • Help repair cells in dogs that do sports
  • Anti cancer properties
  • Improve cognitive function
"Hurry up mom, it's hot!"

Kefir Blueberry Smoothie!
1   Frozen Banana
1/4 Cup   Frozen Blueberries
1 Cup  Plain Kefir
1 Tablespoon   Toasted Flax Seeds

Toss in a blender on High with a handful of ice until the desired consistency is reached, I made mine kinda soupy and my pups liked it!

Remember that when introducing a new food to give it to your dog in small quantities so as not to upset their system. I gave my pups about 1/8 - 1/4 a Cup and the rest was for me! It was good!

My dogs loved their kefir! Ziva liked it best plain, but Dante made sure to lick the bowls clean of any remnants of smoothie.


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Thanks Guys!

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  1. I love seeing people using good, natural products for their babies! Kefir has helped Barry immensely! Not only does he love it he has had no negative side effects from it.

    Some people may be worried about the level of lactose in kefir because so many animals are lactose intolerant. The Trader Joe's brand (which you have) and the Lifeway brand both come in at about 99% lactose free. Also, Whole Foods has an organic kefir that is 100% lactose free. We have tried them all (same taste and effect from all).The fermentation process makes kefir nearly lactose free if not totally lactose free. So even though it has dairy in it our bodies won't process it like dairy. Plus there is that added benefit of 10 live and active naturally occurring cultures. I take a little per day and also give Barry about 1/4 cup each morning.

    I may need to try this recipe! It sounds perfect for the summer!

  2. Thanks for joining the blog hop!!! My guys love Kefir but I buy the flavored stuff never even thought about the added sugars!! I guess I'll be buying plain from now on. Thank you very much, and this looks like a great recipe for them!!

  3. I had no idea so many people give their dogs kefir, its wonderful!

  4. Mom has kefir all the time and she's never even offered us some!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. @Miley What?! Your mom hasn't shared her kefir!! Time to turn on those beggin eyes! :-)

  5. That looks good. I wonder if you could freeze it and make it pops. We give our dogs some yogurt as a probiotic. We have tried others, but yogurt seems to work best for them so I usually have it on hand. I have not tried Kefir. May have to. :)

    Thanks for joining the Barks and Bytes Hop.

    1. @2browndawgs Great idea! I hadn't thought of freezing it!

  6. PepiSmartDog: we LOVE smoothies! We all want to try it. *drooling*
    Looks very delicious. MMmmmmm.
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop again.
    Really appreciate you supporting us each week and we enjoy reading your posts.
    Hope to see you next week. :=o)
    *waves paw*

    1. Thanks for commenting! Have you tried the smoothies yet? :-)

  7. This looks like something the fluffies would have to share with me ;)

    1. Definitely a great family treat! Humans too! ;-) Thanks for stopping by!


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