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Monday, August 11, 2014

Blackberry Bully Monster

Mommy's little helper. A.K.A the terrifying blackberry monster!

Ziva has some anxiety issues when we remove her from Dante. Dante on the other hand is fine - although a bit concerned as to where his sister went.

Basically what this means is that she lacks some trust in us her humans, and gets her strength and security from Dante. We would like to see her trust us more and become a better and more balanced and ultimately happy dog.

Today we went blackberry picking! Just us two gals, Ziva got to carry my car keys and keep me company while I picked. My goal:  BLACKBERRY PIE!! I'd love to make jam but I just don't have time today unfortunately.

Look what we found, I garden spider!  I hate spiders but understand their importance so we left this spot.

From a distance an older woman joined us at the bush and began picking, Ziva found this to be suspicious though and started growling quietly. I Shushed her and once she was no longer growling and calm (about 15 min) we then went over and I asked if we could say hi. She was really nice and happy to meet Ziva who immediately liked the woman. We then joined her and visited while we picked. After a while her husband showed up - turns out he doesn't like, "those types of dogs." 
I said, "What kind is that sir?"
"You know, pit bulls. Isn't she one of them?"
I hate this...let me get this're going to hate a dog you never met and you aren't even sure it's the type of dog you hate? Pure ignorance.
"Well sir, as a matter of fact she is an American Pit Bull Terrier. But did you know that their is no such thing as a pit bull?"
"They bite lots of people and are always in the news, they're killers. What do you mean their is no such thing?"
"Well lots of dogs fall under the category of pit bull. Pit bull - is just a body type constituting what you see here: short hair, blocky head, close set eyes, short square muzzle..etc. However boxers, mastiffs, American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, American Bull Terriers, American Bulldogs, Bulldogs, Dogo Argentinos, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Mutts, and more all fall under the category of pit bull. That is why the statistics are so skewed in their direction for bites."

I would hate to bore you with this so let me sum it up.

It was a long conversations and I think he went away with a new perspective, I know his wife did because she loved Ziva and thanked me for all the good information.

I both hate and enjoy this conversation which being a bully owner and breed ambassador I have had many times with strangers who see me and my dogs. Sometimes people are shocked that something so cute and petite as my Ziva pup is in all actuality a "pit bull". Unfortunately she is going to lose that puppy look at some point and this will be a more difficult conversation. Dante on the other hand they almost always immediately decide that he is a pit bull. Being that we are unsure whether he is full American Staffordshire or not - I am quick to say he's a mutt and half boxer. This usually sparks a meeting and they are hooked from their! He's really my sweetheart and people lover, Ziva is a doll but she is a bit aloof and little do they know she's really my little shark! She has a high prey drive and would be happy to kill small rodentia, she is also tolerant of only certain dogs.

Please don't judge a dog by their breed, and please don't judge a whole breed by the actions of one dog. END BSL & Breed Stereotypes.

I have been bitten by a Samoyed, charged by a Doberman Pinscher while out jogging, cornered by a mean Golden Labrador mutt walking home one day, nearly bitten by a Blue Heeler who snuck up on me while I was out jogging (I barely escaped that time!), and my sister was bit in the face as a child by a Cocker Spaniel. Do you see us going around hating dogs?

Although their are certain breed traits that ring true, like hounds have great noses, retrievers retrieve, pointers are hunting dogs, collies are herding breeds... - no dog is a man-killer or evil, and breed specific legislation does not solve the problem. Responsible dog ownership and education about dog breeds/behavior however makes a huge difference.

Be a Breed Ambassador for your dog! What does that mean? Click HERE

"I'm a good girl!"

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  1. Looks yummy! I love your smile Ziva :)

  2. Mmmm blackberry pie! My person has met some very friendly and loving pit bulls. Me, she doesn't let me get close to dogs I don't know. I guess that's because I only like some dogs. I love all people though.

    1. @Bongo What a good mommy you have. It's definitely a good idea to know a dog before you say hi regardless of breed. :-)

  3. We know exactly what you mean. Having the breed we do, we get a lot of the same reactions. As irritating as it is, sometimes I just take a deep breath and remember that every instant like this is an opportunity. You did your dog proud.

    1. Thanks Shannon! Keep up the good pibble press with your happy family!

  4. Mmmm berries! I bet they're delicious. I don't think I've ever tried that kind before.

    I know all about breed discrimination. People used to do it to my Khia all the time. That's why she didn't get to go on many adventures. Mom and Dad wanted to make sure she was safe, always! Maybe one day people will open their minds.


    1. Never tried blackberries?! They're delicious!! :-) You've got a good mom and dad there, we're careful around people too.


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