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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Nose Saga...

My Big Brindle Boy.

As put so kindly by a friend of ours...we've been dealing with this for far too long. Like I mentioned in our last post we're still dealing with Dante's nose!  For our new readers this has been quite an unpleasant issue for us.

Here are a few posts to help you get caught up:

February 2016 - 

When we first spotted the problem.Dante's Bloody Nose
Round #1 figuring out what's going on. - The Good & The Not So Great
Round #2 working with a specialist.The Infection

After our vet did the initial x-rays we began treatment for the infection with antibiotics based on the conclusions of the lab work and we were sent to a specialist.  We did 6 weeks worth of these antibiotics and it seemed to have worked, unfortunately a few months later the "bad smell" came back.

Mommy Instincts - Trust them!

I had been noticing this "bad smell" for a while before Dante sprouted the bloody nose, turns out it was the smell of infection. I didn't trust myself though and since no one else could smell what I was smelling I just shrugged it off as me being silly. After the round of antibiotics we thought we'd had success, until a few months later the smell came back. So back to the specialist, and she gave me two options.

Option #1 - another 6 week round of antibiotics.
Option #2 - a rhinoscopy and CT scan (about $2000 dollars...)

We opted for Option #1 since the first round of antibiotics worked so well, about 6 months between issues. Well once again we finished another 6 week treatment this November 2016 and even though it is slight, I can still smell it. I've trained the family too, my mom and Dz Dog Dad can also smell it.

So last week came the unpleasant task of calling back the specialist and letting her know it just doesn't seem to be working.

The Hard Part.
Dante has never been a fan of the vets office, all other people he's fine with. We worked really hard at our last veterinarian to get Dante to feel safe at their office, and he loves his specialist! But our specialist doesn't have the ability to do the CT scan, and as opposed to putting him under anesthesia twice to have our rhinoscopy done by our specialist - we are opting to use a different specialist clinic here in Southern Oregon because they can do both procedures at once and we don't have to drive 2.5 hours.

So please keep us in your thoughts/prayers Dante has his procedure today and I always get nervous about these kinds of things.

They are going to start with the CT scan to see if they can visibly see any obstructions, and then go in for the rhinoscopy based on what they find. If they don't find anything then the rhinoscopy will include a biopsy/lab testing for bacteria/fungal yucky stuff.

Fingers crossed!! We just want to get to the bottom of this and some healing!

In the meantime you'd never notice anything is wrong, he's just as goofy and bouncy as always!


  1. Dante, we are praying here in NY for you that your new specialist can find some answers for you and your Human parents. Please God let there be nothing serious XO

    1. Thank you Jill, I'll let you know as soon as we have any information! xxoxooxoxox

  2. Thinking of you today and hope you get a resolution to this problem. Poor Dante. It's awful having something happen with your dog and you can't figure it out. I'll be checking for updates. Prayer and healing vibes to you!

  3. We are keeping you all in our thoughts and are hoping for a non-expensive outcome (besides what the specialist is doing today, of course).

  4. Poor boy! I hope everything went well and you get a solid answer!


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