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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Good, & The Not So Great.

We have news, not great news but not terrible news.

So on Tuesday we had to bring Dante in to our vet to be checked out for the random bloody nose. To be sure their was nothing stuck up there the vet flushed his nose with water and took some x-rays.

The Good - 
Dante does not have any fluid build up or swelling shown in his x-rays, he also did not have any obstructions.

Isn't this kind of cool!
The Not So Great - 
After flushing his nose and looking at x-rays the vet took the little tool that they use to peer into ears with and stuck it up Dante's nose to see if he could visibly see anything. At first he got excited, he noticed a small pus pocket and what looked like an obstruction right inside his left nostril. When he was to remove said "obstruction" he noticed it actually wasn't an obstruction at all, but rather exposed bone inside Dante's nostril. Because the tool isn't very big our vet wasn't able to determine how bad or how far up the bone is exposed. However this explains why Dante doesn't like his nose touched, probably why he sneezes all the time, and the funny smell I could smell coming from Dante's nose *this mama was right* it was an infection smell.
So a very large vet bill later *ouch, still cringing* the vet swabbed the inside of Dante's nose and took a small biopsy to have lab checked. 

Fingers Crossed.
We're hoping the lab results will come back with something conclusive regarding what it is, we aren't treating his nose yet until we know what we're dealing with so that we don't treat the wrong thing and have to switch meds/etc. on Dante. The problem is that sometimes these results are not conclusive, in which case we'll be referred to a specialist *double ouch...* for further testing and maybe to put a small camera up his nose to look closer at what is going on - their is a good chance we'll have to do this anyways but either way the lab needed to be done.

I won't have any news for about 5-7 days, I wish these things were a bit quicker.

Last night Dante was super wiped out from his day at the vets, the sedative took a little while before he started feeling better. So after picking him up we just cuddled on the couch and watched movies for the rest of the day.

This morning we went on a really long walk, he's still a bit sad and I can tell he's not feeling great - still wiped out from his vet visit. Hopefully he'll be back to his bouncy self within the next day.

Please keep us in your prayers/thoughts/heart as we try to figure this out as quickly as possible.

We love our Dante.
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  1. Prayers coming for Dante, fingters and paws crossed he will heal well, and quickly

  2. Poor Dante. And poor you. It's a long time to wait to figure out how you're going to tackle this condition.

    Hope your handsome boy is feeling back to usual soon and that the labs reveal something pretty simple to manage.

  3. Oh no! Poor Dante! I hope they get it figured out! :(


  4. Prayers and hugs coming your way. I don't envy your 5-7 day wait. Praying it goes by quickly.

  5. Poor guy! I hope they get it figured out soon!

  6. Oh goodness. Thinking of you guys and I hope it's not terrible news. It must be so sensitive (hence the sneezing all the time).

    Good luck and my best wishes to you! xo

  7. Oh honey I'm so sorry. Prayers coming your way.

  8. Good thing he has such a supportive family. Good job taking such good care of him. Loads of love and prayers.

  9. Ugh, why do these things take so long to get results? That is the worse part, waiting and wondering.

    I'm praying it is nothing serious and easily treatable, not just for your wallet, but for your sweet boy as well. Poor guy.

  10. Aw man, sorry you had a financial vet ouch. I just read your post on Dante feeling better and being back to "boofing". That's good news.


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