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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My Furbabies, My Children.

Yes It Counts! 
Part 1 - Furbabies.

When asked, "Do you have kids?"  My normal response is, "Only the furry kind!" With a big smile of course. And if they prod further I tell them that we have two dogs and two cats. 

"Hi mom! Throw the toy!"
One thing always comes up during conversations with pink kidlet parents (I don't remember who I heard this term from, but I love it!!) are rude comments such as, "Just wait till you have real kids."

"Real kids?" What's so different about my kind of preferred kid?

Like any good mom I'm big on healthy eating and exercise, I watch what they eat, monitor their snack and treat/junk food intake, and make sure they get outside to run and stretch their legs daily. And I check them over for injury or sickness while also taking care to prevent such things.

Although I feel like the cats are kind of more like broody teenagers who keep to themselves except when hungry.  Having Dante and Ziva is more like having 5th graders, they're bouncy, playful, still love mom's attention, and they require time, attention, and a watchful eye to keep them out of mischief.

Play time is a seriously fun matter!
Speaking of just like kids (Or at least me growing up! I was always seeing the doctor for something!)...time to see the doctor again.

Dante spouted a bloody nose (light bleeding) on Sunday night that lasted for several hours, starting around his dinner time - through an entire movie, and even when we went to bed. Just his left nostril, when we went to bed I put a lightly colored sheet on top of the blankets to monitor his condition while we slept and sure enough he had made little bloody spots all over the sheet.

So Monday morning off to the vet, and today he's getting his nose flushed in case he has an obstruction, and x-rays to rule out anything scary. Best case scenario either something is stuck or he has an exposed blood vessel (I think that's right...? I don't remember what the vet called it). Let's just stick to "best case" for now. I'll have more information when I pick him up this afternoon.

Vet visits are always interesting...guess who got to come to work with mommy? *Yes we are mom and dad in our house.* Ziva isn't a fan of being by herself, we've worked her up to a full hour but anything past that and she starts howling. So either she comes with me, I take a day off (in my dreams), or we find a puppy sitter.

And just like a mom, I worry. Sedation is never a fun thing, sedation comes with risks, and Dante isn't a fan of the vets office anyways.

Wish us luck! Poor boy is getting his nose flushed.


  1. Poor Dante. I hope it's npthing serious. Please keep us updated, sending healing energy and hugs to your boy

  2. POTP that Dante's nose isn't something serious. I am like you, my kids have fur:)

  3. I'm a dog mom, too. Those comments from people with human children definitely annoy me, too!

    I hope everything goes okay with Dante at the vet!

    1. Thank you! We'll keep posting updates as we know.

  4. I am and have been step-mom to 4 leggers and have been and am now mom to furbies. They are just as important and can cause the heart-stopping incidents like your Dante's nose. Not having raised any babies human or otherwise before (I know have a 5 month old Pekapoo) raising my Pookie from the age of 6 wks old has been nerve-wracking and has also given me wonderful memories of baby love.


    1. Raising a bottle baby is hard work! I bottle fed a kitten 2 years ago and had to be up every 2-3 hours....whew..
      Someday i'll have a puppy, enjoy him!
      Thanks for the support, I think raising furkids totally counts!

  5. I'm sorry Dante's not feeling 100%! I definitely agree that taking care of pets has a lot of similarities to raising a kid--but I don't think of Barley and her kitty brother as my kids because I think they're way cooler than human kids. Barley and I are a team, so even though I have to feed her, take care of her when she's sick, and make sure she gets her exercise, I see her as far more of an equal than I'd ever see a human kid. Cranky kitty brother Soth is more like a crabby old grandpa that you excuse inappropriate behavior for because you love him anyway ;) Great post!


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