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Friday, February 19, 2016

Mud Puppies Part 1

Mud Puppies
Part 1.

One thing that Dante and Ziva absolutely go bonkers over is grandma's house (my mom). With how nasty the weather has been recently I haven't taken the dogs out to the property for a while, mostly because of the mud factor. My parents are also building their house right now - it's almost done!! So when I go out to help on the house I don't always feel like watching Dante and Ziva to make sure they aren't getting in to mischief. And depending on the daily activity it isn't always doggy friendly to have them around. Cement for example, as adorable as it would be *to me* paw prints are not welcome. Haha!
Well this last weekend Dante and Ziva had a mommy approved muddy weekend of fun!

How dirty can they get?

Let's find out!

Sneak ATTACK!!

"Pretty sure a paw in the face, is NOT playing fair!!"  ~ Ziva

These two are such great best friends, they play so well together and never have any disagreements.

It's hard work wrestling with toys!

Grandma's property has some rolling hills, I like to toss the toy down a hill and then they work their way back up to me. It makes for wonderfully tired dogs!


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  1. wow they really do get along! Lovely Dogs!

  2. Looks like they had fun without getting too terribly muddy! Barley's been getting a wipe down every day after our walks because of all the gross slushy snow we have to traipse through--it makes her whites all greyish, so she's due for a bath pretty soon!

  3. They are so cute! That's awesome they enjoy playing when it's muddy out!

  4. These days with the weather, Mr. N pretty much needs his paws washed every time he goes out!

  5. That is not dirty at all! We call for a do over!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. You guys don't look dirty at all. We short furry ones are real dirt magnets! Enjoy the mud.

  7. Good times! I had to laugh at your first paw picture. Rocco's paws would be completely covered in dirt!! Great photos!

  8. To me, paw prints on the cement would be welcome, too ;-) Looks like the pups had a blast!!

  9. So cute.... And lucky to have a special place to go romp!

  10. I love watching dogs play. :-) I can relate to the muddy paw thing. Ugh. We get a lot of rain here and when we don't, it's a ton of sand. Glad they got to play!


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