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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Santa Buddy

Dear Santapaws,

I have been such a good boy!  Just so long as you overlook that one incident where I freaked mom out...I couldn't help but explore the woods on my own, sis and I were having an adventure! Anyways, it was only the once and I swear it won't happen again.

Back to me being a good boy. Unlike Ziva I have destroyed all of ZERO things this year, unless mama said I could. I try to very hard to listen and control my wiggles and when the naughty cousin dogs go after me I just get real loud but let mom take care of it. Speaking of those naughty cousin dogs, maybe you could give them a bath for Christmas.

Also, I know my leash manners have gotten just a bit sloppy. But it's all the wonderful smells that our new home holds! Their is so much more wildlife here to scent! I'm getting back into the groove though, mama is taking me running without sissy and I'm the perfect gentleman on the leash.

Sorry though for chasing the neighbors little dogs, I wasn't going to hurt them I just wanted to get the first butt sniffing in and make sure they were dogs - between me and you they looked kind of like gremlins! The neighbor was really nice though and wasn't mad. She could tell I wasn't going to hurt nothing, mama said I embarrassed her but the neighbor said all was ok and let me look at the little gremlin dogs while mama made me sit while her and mama talked.

Anyways, like I said - I've been a really good boy and if you could find it in your heart I'd love a good chew or bully stick for my stocking this year.



  1. Gotta say you are rocking that hat!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Awwwwwwww Dante, you are too cute for Santa not to bring you anything! Merry Christmas

  3. You are definitely a good boy! Scarlett can't wait to go to the gala with you!

    Can you let your Mom know that we received the Christmas package? Thanks! We will post pictures when our Mom let's us open it. She said we have to wait two more days!

    1. Will do! Merry Christmas!! Our mama says we have to wait too!

  4. Aw Dante, you look mighty cute with your Santa hat. I'm sure you got a good chew or bully stick (or two) in your stocking.


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