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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hopefully Healing!

Thank You Furfriends 
For Your Support.

In case you missed our instagram and Facebook announcement:

I think we figured out what was going on with Dante's nose!!

The specialist started out with the CT scan just like she said she would, and guess what she found?

Dante's missing tooth! This problem may have been going on for far longer than we imagined, when we first adopted him three years ago we had assumed that his missing tooth had maybe been broken and removed before we got him. Turns out it just never came in the way it was supposed to, and the xray that we did last february couldn't see it!

Currently he's sleeping off the effect of today's anesthesia, couldn't get him to eat anything tonight. I'll try again before bedtime, but hopefully tomorrow he'll be feeling better!


  1. (((((Dante))))) we hope you heal fast & feel better soon

  2. That is remarkable. I am glad you found the source of the problems. Prayers

  3. Sending powerful healing vibes.

    xo Astro

  4. Oh poor baby!! Hoping you heal soon!!!!! So nice to meet you! Just left a comment on your facebook page. DakotasDen

  5. That's great that they figured it out! Poor guy, but at least he should be feeling better now!

  6. Oh my...that's crazy that it ended up in his nose! Who would have thought of THAT as a possible scenario...


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