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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Thank You Fur-Friends!!

Thank You Friends For Making Our Christmas So Special.

This year we participated in Blogvilles 2015 Christmas Card swap and gift exchange! Thank you so much guys! It was a blast receiving so many awesome cards from bloggers we hadn't heard of before, and some of our favorites of course! Now we have some catching up to do in order to get to know everyone!

A big special thank you to Higgins & Niles!

What a fun blog, you can visit them HERE: 

They had Dante and Ziva for the gift exchange and our gift was a huge hit!
Dante and Ziva each got a horn, and then a frisbee to share!


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  1. You sure are having fun playing with that frisbee. We love participating in the card and gift exchange too.

  2. I was Higgins Santa Paws two years ago ~ so I know Higgins. This year we just did the cards but sadly a lot of my cards went to the wrong zip and are still out there somewhere. A Frisbee is fun but I much prefer a ball. Why I ran down a squirrel because I thought he was taking my ball but it was an osage orange and I had never seen one of those before. Looks like a ball!
    Happy New Year to you!
    Sweet William The Scot

  3. I love getting cards from my fellow bloggers. Thank you for yours!!


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