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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Best Dog Day Ever!

Our First Family Trip
 to the Oregon Coast!

I've been dying all summer to take the dogs to the coast, I could have gone earlier but I wanted to make sure we went as a family and my poor hubby has had a busy summer due to work.
This was the first weekend we were able to go and not feel guilty about not staying home to do yard work or other "important" adult chores.

First stop, coffee and donuts!!
Our favorite donut shop is on the opposite end of town, probably a good thing...they make the best apple fritters ever! They are thin, crispy, and appliscious!

Photo Attribution: Arnold Gatilao
Then we drove through Florence, Oregon and stopped at Thor's Well which is located off of Cape Perpetua.
The weather was perfect! Normally when we go to the coast we expect to either freeze, or be blown away by the strong winds, but not this trip! It was sunny and 70 with no wind in sight!

Beautiful picture of Thor's Well. Photo Attribution: John Fowler
The tide was all the way in when we arrived at Thor's Well so we couldn't get very close (hence the borrowed picture). We could see it, and hear it gushing and growling as the water flowed in and spouted back out again but I couldn't get a good picture of the actual Well.

*On a separate trip however the hubby got in super close and captured this gorgeous video!**

Thor's Well!

This photo however shows a natural spout located at Thor's Well, it was awesome! The water would crash in, and if it crashed hard enough a hole filled with water and spouted out of the top of a small cavern!

The dogs did great with all the noise, and were very excited about the whole adventure. We hiked our way around the well to look at some more of the natural lava rock formations and all the sea foam that was collecting.

And of course, just like a silly little boy Dante had to go and jump right into the sea foam!

After Thors Well we made our way further north up the coast line, with the weather being so beautiful it seemed like everyone had decided to go to the beach and it was super busy!

But by super busy I don't mean California or Florida Coast line busy, 
I mean Oregon busy where you say, 
"Awww man! I have to share the beach with someone else?!"

After driving a bit longer than we wanted...we found the perfect spot! With almost no people around anywhere!

It was awesome, the dogs could hardly contain themselves for our walk down to the water but we wanted to make sure they were dialed in and listening to us before we cut them loose off leash.

This was Dante's reaction to the beach:

One of the cutest parts of the day was Dante, he loved the water! First thing hubby did was to teach Dante a the waves away, and then run like crazy before they catch you!
Dante caught on real quick and proceeded to play this game all day.
But he also just liked to scamper around in the waves.

Ziva on the other hand when she wasn't chasing her brother was playing with us and her tennis ball.

"Run before it gets us!!"

The dogs had a great doggy day, and if you were to ask them they would say it was the best dog day ever!

Dante also made a friend! A couple nice girls were walking their bully mix (border collie bully?) super cute pup and we asked if they could play and sure enough the pup was friendly so Dante got some nice roughhousing in with a new dog. Always a plus!
Ziva was polite but preferred to stay out of the mix and just play ball with me.

"Air Ball!"


We also did some more formal style training with my newly acquired treat bag, it was a great new place to have them practice their listening skills and recall.

Ziva giving me some great eyes as she waited for her ball.
And you may notice my husbands genius way of carrying shoes and a leash? String on your shoes, clip the leash to the handle, twist into a figure 8, and wear like a backpack!

"Whatcha doin dad?"

After a long day of playing the pups were totally wore out, and happy to sleep for the long car ride home. Normally car rides consist of Dante standing and looking out the window the whole time, but not this trip! He was a tired boy!

But they will agree, it was
The Best Dog Day Ever!


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  1. I wish I could "like" every single photo! That is my favorite area of all - LOVE it! And I've been all around the Cape Perpetua area so many times- LOVE it there! I drove with Mort down the coast fairly recently, and he had a blast no matter where we stopped. True dog heaven. And it looks like you guys had fantastic weather.

    There's something about the "light" on the Oregon coast - I can't quite describe it. I think it has to do with the color of the sand and how it reflects. Somehow different. Adore the photos.

  2. Your pictures are breath-taking! What a wonderful way to spend time with your dogs- looks like they loved it! We want to go adventuring in this area sometime (we're from MN...the scenery isn't quite as fantastic). Gorgeous. :)

  3. I am SO JEALOUS! I've always wanted to see that part of the country but just haven't made it out there. It's definitely on the bucket list though. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That sounds like such a fun trip! Love the pictures and the way to carry all that stuff hands free is totally genius!


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