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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Doggy Day Hike

Jasper State Park, Springfield Oregon
 Day Hike Fun with Dogs

Willamette River
I love being outside, I can't stand being cooped up for long so I know just how Ziva feels. The sun calls my name and I get itchy, twitchy, and short tempered. It may not even be the sun calling out to me. I love crispy fall days with lots of fog, and big bright full moons. I just have to be outside to enjoy it.

When we first got married my husband would joke, "Time to walk the wife!". I'd harass, beg, plead, and go without him if he didn't join me.
Then we got dogs and I've been happily walking myself ever since!

As for Ziva...She's going crazy! And no running?! Are you kidding?! She was born to run, she loves to run, and she's hard to work with without her exercise so even though her nail isn't entirely healed we gave in and ran her this morning and last night I let her off leash for some sniffing while we were out hiking.

Ziva's Injured Toe Story HERE

I love the sun setting and how it hits the trees. Willamette River pic.

We had a great time walking and looking at the leaves changing colors, rephrase that...I enjoyed looking, the dogs enjoyed smelling everything they could get their noses on!

Trail we walked at Jasper State Park
Pose for the camera!

It at least helped Ziva and I get our jitters out.

How does that song go...

"I see skies of blue, And clouds of white. The bright blessed day, The dark sacred night. And I think to myself, What a wonderful world." 

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  1. Those are beautiful pictures! What a fun day :)

  2. Your pictures are gorgeous!! I am the same way! I get really twitchy if I've been inside too long and I also love fall and everything that comes with it!! Oh how I miss Oregon!!

  3. Thanks for commenting guys!! We had a great day!


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