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Monday, September 15, 2014

Our Anniversary Weekend

Weekend Shenanigans

Well it was a long weekend but we made it and were very productive in the process!! On Friday the hubby and I celebrated our 5 year Wedding Anniversary! It's been a wonderful 5 years with my best friend. To celebrate we went out for sushi, and ended our night with a movie, cake, and champagne at home.
Smoked salmon rolls!
Small Anniversary Cake from our favorite local bakery!
The Dogs were very jealous that we didn't share even but we made sure they got to chew on some bully sticks and celebrate with us at home.

And then the pups grandma (my mom) came over and we canned all day Saturday! We did canned tuna - which we do every year and have for the last 10+, we also canned homemade tomatoes sauce (80 pounds), and then my hubby did pickles! Yumm!! Now we're set for another year! 

The veggies were fresh from a local farm.

Look they already have pumpkins!
Home Canned Dill Pickles!

The tuna we canned was fresh off of a boat at the Sportsman's Cannery in Winchester Bay Oregon, and so of course we also had to make more sushi.
I love sushi, I could eat it every day! Yumm! The texture was perfect, we made (actually hubby made it I just sat their and ate it) spicy tuna rolls with cabbage, carrots, and green onion strips rather than your more traditional cucumber. They were awesome! Dante and Ziva had their own "sushi" they ate rice and carrot bits.  
Dogs should not have raw fish!

Even though our weekend was busy the dogs loved it. All day while we canned (we can outside on outdoor cook stoves to keep from heating up the house) we played with the pups in the backyard. I tossed the ball in the pool a bunch for Ziva, they got lots of tummy rubs, ear skritchers, and enjoyed lounging in the hot sun on the deck while mom and I babysat canners and drank margaritas. What a great weekend!

Silly boy! Hahahaha!

Field Playtime
Nom Nom 
Mom says I'm Gorgeous in these Leaves!

And reader update - Ziva's foot is finally looking like it's healing! She was able to run this morning without having any problems or redeveloping a limp. If you missed that incident, click HERE for it.

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  1. Happy anniversary!! Your weekend sounds great and the food looks delish! Especially that cake!


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