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Monday, September 8, 2014

Aqua Kong - Review

Have you heard of the Aqua Kong? 

When we first adopted Dante he wouldn't fetch but he loved his silly Kong toy and he loved to play tug-of-war.
Well in order to wear him out we dropped a rope through his Kong and made him a toy that he now loves to fetch! And his reward for bringing it back? Yep you guessed it...tug!

In fact it's the only toy he'll fetch!

"Throw it! I dare ya!"

The Precious Toy - meet Dante's handmade "rope kong".
Another thing Dante loves is the water! Well we learned the hard way that his normal Kong toy sinks...on a good note his beloved toy was rescued! But it meant finding something new for him to play with when we went swimming. Thankfully Kong already thought of this when they designed their Aqua Kong toy!

Dante loves his Aqua Kong! 
It floats, is bright orange so you don't easily lose it, and the Aqua Kong has a rope so that you can play tug, and throw it easily!

Another thing we love about this toy is that it is very durable for a dog who is very hard on his toys. The rope we prevent Dante from chewing (it wouldn't last) but he can, chew, chomp, and thoroughly enjoy the orange Kong.
It has been a great summer toy for a water loving fetch/tug dog.  

A simple toy for a simple game!

Way to go Kong! 
DZ Dog Dante is 
proud to recommend this toy! 

Fetching his precious toy at the river!

100% Bully Breed Approved!!
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This is not a paid promotional post - we purchased this toy on our own and just wanted to share our opinion of it!


  1. Oh, how neat! Only knew of the floating Kong frisbee ~ thanx for broadening my horizon ;-)

  2. oh my gosh - this looks like so much fun!! Can't wait to try - hopefully the rope holds up, haha.

  3. Love Kongs! Only toy my dog can't destroy in 5 min. Eventually she will take each ring off and then we have more toys lol. Won't buy anything else....Lucy is a Rottie

  4. That's great you can take your Kong in the water now, but I don't go in water so there! Love Dolly

  5. My dog would go nuts for that, I had no idea Kong made toys that float. Tug & water are pretty much her favorite things; showing her a toy like this might cause major excitement malfunctions in her brain. :)


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