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Monday, May 18, 2015

Two More Weeks!

Captain Jack

Great news!
One of the families we interview would like to adopt Jack! Unfortunately they are going out of town this week, so Jack won't be going home with them until next Friday.

But that's okay because it gives us a little more time to enjoy his goofball, lovey self! 

We are very excited, they seem like the perfect place for him to continue to mature and train. They all adored him, and they have lots of room for him to run and stretch his legs - that is after he gets better at recall of course.

Do you know what we discovered?

When we first rescued Jack he weighed 50 the month that we've had him can you guess how much weight he's put on? 8.5 pounds! He's a growing boy! It's not fat, hubby is pretty sure Jack is a bit taller too so it's possible he's younger than we initially thought.

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  1. What exciting news for Jack!

    I hope you don't feel too sad about letting this special guy go. I usually felt really good about sending fosters to their new homes.

    1. Thanks! I'm actually really excited, fostering has been really fun for us and it's been a great challenge. :-) I'm looking forward to hearing how they bond, i'm sure with more time Jack will just become an amazing dog.

  2. That's great news! I bet you're thrilled that Jack will have a new home with lots of space to exercise.

    1. Definitely! I'm especially excited that he won't be home alone for very long. :-) It'll be good for him to have an active family.

  3. YAY! Great news! We knew that smile of his would melt a heart!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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