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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ding, Dong, Dogs!!

Once upon a sleepy Sunday, the neighborhood group of kids decided to haunt some houses. These little kidlets full of mischief and glee thought a nice game of ding, dong, ditch was in order and knowing all the houses up and down the street they decided to pick their favorites for the game.

The 8 kids snuck around in unsuspecting yards, taking turns ringing the doorbells while one would run and ring, the others would hide from a safe distance to watch the trouble.

Little did they know one of the houses on their hit list has the doggy Portal of All Knowing, the family can see out but visitors cannot see in...

The Portal of All Knowing

This particular family was sitting quietly enjoying a nice show, snuggled on the couch after dinner when all of a sudden a streak of blue about 3.5 feet tall rushed the door, slammed a finger onto the doorbell and the hounds of hell broke loose from their slumber!

With a barking, some banging, and a hound's bay the three dogs charged the door to see who was there, but the culprit had vanished...

With a twinkle in her eye, the mom of the house knew immediately what had happened and decided to confront the culprits head on with a bluff.
Jumping into action, running barefoot across the yard, she spotted the gaggle of gigglers hiding behind the fence.

With a quiet whisper she approached them and said, "Do you know what happens to little kids who play Ding Dong Ditch?"

Giggling all the while the kids said, "No, what happens?"

"I release the hounds on you." Bluffing while she said this.

The kids, "You'll what?!"

"Release the hounds..." She said even quieter...

At that moment the dad of the house with a gleam in his eye had a brilliant idea (not knowing what mom was up to) he opened wide the front door and yelled, "Get the kids!!"

With a thunderous bark the brindle boy, and the golden girl leapt into action barking the whole way!

Mom shocked but laughing with glee joined in the chorus, "Get the kids!"

While the kids screamed in delight the chase began through the neighbors yards and down the street, the mischief makers running as quick as possible while the dogs searched for the closest victim to smother with kisses.

The Moral of the Story?  Don't Ding Dong Ditch a married couple with doggy children, or you might find yourself being the one pranked.


Authors Note -

We would never do anything that would cause harm to our dogs or the children involved, we know all of our neighbors and all the neighborhood kids.

The kids love us because our dogs are so awesome to play with, they are gentle and listen to the children. Anytime we are outside with our dogs, even if we are doing yard work the kids come over and politely ask to play with Dante and Ziva while the dogs run to get their toys.

We have worked hard in teaching the kids as well as our dogs how to interact with each other and playtime is always supervised.

That being said, the kids thought it was hilarious that Dz Dog Dad let the dogs out.

"Who Let the Dogs Out! Woof, Woof!" Sorry that phrase gets me every time.  

We did not scare any kids, the dogs chased and thought it was a merry game, but they didn't jump or knock anyone over - they just enjoyed the running aspect.

Our dogs also come when called. Jack did not get to enjoy the game because he doesn't come back. If we couldn't trust our dogs off-leash or around children we never would have let them out.
After our merry chase ended the dogs gave kisses and everyone went home, while the parents of the kidlets laughed on their front porches (they had to come out and see what the ruckus was).


  1. That's so wonderful the relationships you have with others on the street. I always want to do this with Bain.

    What a fun romp for the pups and kids!

    1. I love meeting young kids cause most of them don't have any breed biases. I've met a couple kids who said their parents don't like "pit bulls", so I show the kids how nice my dogs are talk to them about dog breeds. The kids who live on our street I haven't had any problems with them or their parents, we've change a couple parents minds about pitty's which make me SUPER happy!!
      I had one boy ask him mom if he could play with my dogs, she said yes, then later came over to get him and nearly freaked when she saw him playing with pittys. It led to a great conversation and now she defends pit bull type dogs to other people. :-) I love it!

  2. That's hilarious and it's awesome that you get along so well with your neighbors!

    1. I love knowing my neighbors. :-) We went out of our way when we first bought our house to say hello and meet everyone. It has been totally worth it!


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