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Monday, May 11, 2015

Hijacked - Don't Tell Mom!

Psssssssssssst.....Dante here..

Tell mom, that really i'm fine and don't need to go to back the scary place. Just look at me! Healthy as a horse! You know those really big dog things that people sit on.
I think it's a complement.

Although the dogtor was real nice I never like having to's always shushing me. She doesn't seem to understand the potential dangers that are all around her! That guy with the broom for example, brooms I get - mom uses them...but that thing he was carrying around with the broom? Looked suspicious to me, mom said it was to help him pick up trash.

And that lady for example, she had a horrible looking growth on her leg! I had to warn her about it, you never know, maybe it would attack my mom next! "Cast" sounds like a terrible thing that should be avoided at all costs, it was big and clunky, and I didn't like how it was looking at me. The poor lady fed me treats though and didn't seem to mind the monster on her leg.

Then the lady nurse came, her and mom made me stand on a scale to check my weight. Mom says I lost some weight but they all agreed I look nice and healthy. I'm a whole 67.4 pounds!
Although I like the lady and she gives me lots of treats, she's also rude. Thermometers? I don't think they need to go in THERE to get a reading, how does that make sense?

Then the dogtor showed up and put that cold thing on my chest, mom said it's to check my heart, anyways dogtor said my heart sounds good. I could've told him that, I have a heart of gold! Of course it's good!

But then they stuck their fingers in my mouth! Mom kept saying to say, "cheese" but that didn't make sense cause she brought hot dog treats, not cheese...silly mom's.

Lots of looks later mom said something about having to have my tooth pulled...but honest it's not that bad!

*DZ Mom here*

The story is: Jack and Dante were playing really hard, wrestling in the backyard and at some point they clashed teeth and Dante managed to break the front tooth on the inside of his top right canine. Unfortunately our vet said that their is no hope of restoring it because the pulp and root is exposed. So, tomorrow Dante is going in for a tooth extraction and since they'll be in there already, the vet is also going to clean Dante's teeth.

On a good note, the vet said Dante's teeth otherwise look great and don't appear to need much cleaning!  Poor boy...stay tuned!
Pictures to come!

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  1. Ouch! That must have hurt! One time me and Stanley collided mid air. Hope all goes well and glad the check up was good!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Ouch! Jack and Dante do a lot of colliding mid air. :-)

  2. Poor guy!! That sucks! I hope he has a speedy recovery!

  3. Dante, you should hijack this blog more often.

  4. Poor thing. Koira just had her teeth cleaned and had a canine removed last month. Of course, a week later I found the growth on her eyelid that required a second surgery to remove, so we're hoping we are done with the vet for a while at least.

  5. Ouch!! Oh man, our entire pack has sympathy pain for Dante :-( Our boy Buzz fractured one of his upper molars, and its pulp was exposed as well. The fracture was so bad it had to be extracted as well ~ the only positive about the incident was the tooth cleaning Buzz got while the extraction procedure was performed. He didn't injure his tooth while playing, however, but by chewing on a hard beef bone. Needless to say, those will never be allowed back into our house!!
    Good luck with the surgery!!

    1. Thanks guys! Glad Buzz was ok, i'll put those bones on our list of things to avoid!

  6. Oh poor Dante!! I hope he is feeling better. Thankfully it was nothing more serious than that and hopefully easily remedied.


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