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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Squishy Face Winner!

We Have Our Winners!!

Thank you to all our blogger, Instagram, and Facebook buddies who pawrticipated in our #SquishyFaceContest!

We loved seeing all of the entries! And it was very hard to pick a winner, 

Look at that sweet squishy face! 
I just want to cuddle him and smooch that little button nose!

Congratulations Doodlers! You'll be hearing from us soon!

Our Contest went so crazy on Instagram we felt that we needed to have to separate channel winners.


From @FetchersForMission

Some of the runner ups - Some More Squishy Faced Enjoyment For You!


  1. Oh My Doodle - this is super cool. Jax is a winner - You've made my day. Thank you so very much, Will send photos over to you soon. Whoo-Hoo

  2. All these photos are so adorable. Thanks for the smiles!


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