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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cross Your Paws!

Today we met and interviewed two potential adopters for Jack!!
Each family offers very different home environments but both families were wonderful and love dogs. 

And best yet? Jack was awesome!
He was super sweet and on his best crazy husky puppy behavior, we did lots of playing, chatting, dog petting, and we were happy to answer their questions and vice versa.

Hopefully we have found Jack a furever home but as we told the potential adopters we're in no hurry to get rid of him, the goal is to find Jack the perfect home, one that will have him for his whole lifespan, not just give him away to any ole person who wants him.

After a whole month of having Jack we've put a lot of hard work into his training and manners. He's become such a good boy!

A New Jack!

Initially when we rescued Jack he did not like to give eye contact or take eye contact, it would make him nervous to the point of growling and barking.
He now gives great eye contact on a regular basis and doesn't mind being stared at when people are transfixed by his striking eyes.

Jack used to mount the dogs constantly....
After his neuter Jack is still a crazy child at times but he is not constantly becoming over-aroused and mounting the other dogs, chomping and drooling, as well as some other not so pleasant undesirable behaviors associated with being intact. Why Neuter?

Jack now has great house manners! Thankfully he was never destructive.

He has a good base of general obedience, we taught Jack to "sit", lay "down", "bed", "crate", "off", "bedtime", we're still working on "come" but his recall has improved significantly since we first took him in. We consistently have him sit before entering/exiting doors - this is important for him because he is a bolter and will happily lead you on a merry chase.

And now he fetches and brings the ball back!

It's been tons of fun having him, it's also been frustrating at times. I've learned that while I thought I was a patient person I really struggle with patience. Dante and Ziva have made it easy on me, they listen and comply pretty quickly when I ask them to do something. Not having such a strong base with Jack has shown me where I can improve as a dog trainer and doggy mommy.

Hope you're having as great a weekend as we are! I now must get back to my studies...

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  1. Is there good news now?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Yes! One of the families would like to adopt him!

  2. Jack is so cute! I hope he finds a nice home! :D


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