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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mt. Hood Vacation - Day 2

Dante and Ziva have made friends with a resident dog who lives nearby in one of the cabins.
As far as he's concerned the whole area is his so he just wanders wherever he pleases. He's a nice an gentle old soul with a nearly gray face. A very large mutt - probably a lab mix if I had to guess. He's taken to following Dante around mostly and they take turns marking every possible thing in the yard.

Resident Old Man

No one slept well for the first night, the cabin was too hot and the dogs weren't sure about all of the nighttime noises that occur in the woods (we had the windows open trying to cool down our room). One loud noise had Dante up and barking quietly at the hubby leashed them up and went outside to check it out just in case. Not me though! We've been warned of cougars and bears in the area.

In the morning my mom wanted to try running with Ziva who was extremely enthusiastic until she got to the end of the road and realized that Dante was not joining them for the run - she immediately put on the brakes and it was all my mom could do to get her to go half a mile, so they turned around and Ziva hit the gas! Happy to head back to the pack. She hasn't spent much time with my mom so we're thinking that's why she didn't want to go. She also doesn't spend enough time away from Dante - something we are having a hard time fitting into the schedule. We'd like to work with them separately more often, mostly for Ziva's sake Dante doesn't mind being away for a while. After my mom got back from her forced warm up, she hooked up Dante and off they went! He loves running with my mom, they've done many miles together. My mom likes running with him on the bike trails in Eugene Oregon a place with known creepers and she feels very safe knowing she has a big dog with her.

Later in the afternoon we spent a long time playing fetch and tug - both dogs loved it! And then my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins joined in on the fun. My little cousins love playing with our pups because they are so polite, no jumping up and very gentle with the toys. They also willingly and gently listen and give up the toys when the kids ask. This is something we've worked really hard on with them.

Gentle Hand Off - the magic word is "ball".
Tug Time!
Unfortunately all of the play got a bit rough for Ziva, she slid in the gravel and scuffed a foot pad a bit raw.  Poor puppy! So we cleaned her up and put her in the house - much to her dislike. And headed to the river with kids and Dante in tow.

The kids enjoyed tossing rocks and playing with sticks, something Dante loves to participate in as well!

Hold on dad! I'm coming!

 Overall a pretty low key day, we ended it in the hot tub with margaritas!


  1. Looks like everyone had a great day. Sorry about the scuffed paw.

  2. Thanks!! Ziva is healing up just fine, you wouldn't even know it if you could see her play!


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