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Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July Fun!!

We Went to the Parade!

I love small town celebrations. Every year the town of Creswell, OR throws a large 4th of July celebration. It is the best one in the area with a huge professional fireworks show.

The beginning of the day starts with Creswell shutting down all of the main streets that run through town. They then throw an awesome parade with many marching bands, horses, military, clowns, dogs, classic cars, firetrucks, dump trucks, and other wonderful fun things to lasts a long time. They toss candy to the kids, spray water on the crowd from the firetrucks and pass out goodies such as popsicles and water bottles.

After the parade the main park runs live music all day with booths that you can walk through and purchase things such as homemade goods and clothing as well as food and drinks. They have balloon clowns for the kids, sometimes a magic show, and of course the kids get a kick out of the giant play structures.

This was my first 4th of July with both dogs - we got Dante August 2013 and Ziva April 2014.

I decided that our training had progressed enough to take both dogs (by myself - I should add parades are not my husbands cup o' tea he went to the lake instead) to the parade.  I fitted Dante with his backpack hauling our poo bags, water bottles and collapsible water bowls and set off with my family!
Our large group consisted of my sister, grandma, uncle, two older cousins, two younger cousins, a toddler, myself and my two pups! 

It took us awhile to find some shade being that many people set up chairs a full day prior to the parade, but we were able to take refuge in the shade of a parked car.

Ziva enjoying the shade

Both dogs did great!

Ziva was a little nervous about the marching bands at first, but their were so many marching bands in the parade that by the end she didn't even care.

It probably helped that it was really hot out. 

Surrounded by tons of people and many dogs (none of which were well behaved I might add) I was very proud of my two pups. We had several dogs try to meet us, but I was firm with my commands of "sit" and "leave it". They had no permission to say hello, as the other dogs were not in any way under the control of their owners.

Another great thing - I had been testing this theory all month.

My neighbor likes to set off lots of fireworks, starting in June and not letting up until close to the end of July. 

My dogs all month have not reacted in any way towards fireworks. They are both perfectly content after perking up their heads to make sure it isn't a problem, to then go back about their business or back to sleep.

No fear of fireworks in this house! All day the neighbors were setting off fireworks and not a single nervous reaction!
We spent the day at my parent's house, my hubby joined us for a bbq in the afternoon. Friends and family all met up at my parents house. They have a yard that is about a 1/2 an acre, we had a total of 5 dogs all running around. They had a blast!

Cassie helping make icecream

Gracie snoozing

Dante tired out!
Ziva sleepy time

My parents senior dog named 'Penny' is a german shepard/lab mix. She is terrified of fireworks so she spent the day hiding out in the house where it was quiet. Sorry no pics of her!

In the evening I went to the fireworks with my family and husband (my dad doesn't like fireworks so he stayed with the dogs, all of which were safely in the house).

We had a wonderful fourth! And except for Penny all the dogs did great with the fireworks. I hope you had a happy holiday as well!

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