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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mt. Hood Vacation - Day 1 Part II

Vacation Here We Come!

Super Cute Cabin we Rented
We finally made it! We made one stop at the Woodburn Mall for lunch on our way to the cabin. Of course we didn't leave the dogs in the car, my husband walked them around the outdoor mall while I hit a couple shops for some much needed sportswear and new gym shoes. The dogs were really well mannered, unfortunately only 2 people asked to meet and complimented us on them, everyone else skirted around us. Oh well, I guess that's what you get when you own a misunderstood breed. We just do our part as good breed ambassadors: maintaining control, teaching our pups manners, and opening the minds of those around us to how great bully breeds can be with the proper training. One thing I like to emphasize is - Not Everyone Should Have a Dog, and Not all Dog People Should Have Bullies. They require lots of training, strong leadership, and exercise.

When we arrived at the cabin the weather was perfect, absolutely beautiful without being too hot. The cabin on the other hand was sweltering..

The dogs thought they were in heaven though and immediately investigated the greenery around the cabin.

Stopped to taste test some grass.

Gotta check the porch too!

After settling into the cabin the dogs were a bit restless from having been in the car so we headed out to check out the Zigzag River which is just a short walk away.

I Spy...Dante's butt!
Overall it was a pretty low-key evening, we sat in the hot tub and drank cocktails after dinner.

Dante is on strike again, he didn't eat this morning after my dog incident and he refused dinner this first evening probably due to the fact that he is in a new place. Ziva on the other hand is eating like a champ!

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