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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Battle of the Bed

Ah Phooey!

All natural bitter spray
Since we got our  little miss Ziva she has gone through beds, blankets, towels, and most recently a rug.

She has a thing for texture we've discovered, and things that she thinks are "out of place". For example...if a string/loop is sticking out of a rug and she notices it she will lay down and pick at it with her teeth until she either removes it, or unravels a section and solves the problem that way.

This rug - she has unraveled a few spots to remove strings. See the section by the kitten's tail?
Well when it comes to her bed she is no different, she doesn't like seams or zippers and will pull them out thus destroying her bed and I come home to my puppy in a fluffy mess. One bed in particular I repaired the zipper and closed the one edge 3-4 times before she finally ripped out my stitching for good. 
Poor dog bed..
Not wanting to purchase any more beds, and no time or sewing machine to make one...we stuffed a folded, all natural fiber rug into the bottom of her crate. This worked great except that it gave her something to really chew on and like anything else, (although this one lasted the longest) we had to send it to rug's life here at our house over.

Destroyed rug. Merlot likes it though!!
Now we're trying a new product, it came highly recommended and I'll let you know how it goes! It's called "Fooey!"

It's an all natural ultra bitter spray for heavy chewers, lickers, and biters to discourage their unwanted mouthy behaviors. It's supposedly better than "Bitter Apple" but I wouldn't know, we haven't tried that one. However unlike Bitter Apple this one has no alcohol or artificial flavors and it made from the rind of the grapefruit which is known as "The King of the Bitters". And it's safe to use on pet products/bed as well as pets themselves to discourage biting if they have skin issues.

I used it all over the edges, zipper, and corners of the new bed I just picked up for Ziva. It's supposed to be a "tough" bed, but we'll see!

And becuase it seemed only fair I had to try it out myself...I sprayed a bit on my hand and licked it...ACK!! EWW!!! It took my nearly 20 min to get the taste out of my mouth, and it lingered on my hand for a few hours thereafter even after washing! Which was terrible since I made dinner.

So here goes, wish us luck!

Current Score 
Ziva: 5
Beds, towels, blankets, rug: 0

I'll be gone for 4 hours and she'll have her chew toy in the crate with her. 

I should also mention she's been thoroughly exercised, fed, and is tired when I put her in.

Will the bed make it?  We'll soon find out!

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