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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hunger Strike for Treats!

On Strike

Well so far the "Eat it or Starve" (Click for more info) method is working for us in getting Dante to eat his food. The first couple of days he held out but eventually gave in. I then went on vacation and he settled into eating his meals just fine for my hubby but when I came back decided to check if I would be sympathetic to his plight. Boy was he wrong!

After skipping 2 meals with me he went back to eating when offered food. It's taking some time but hopefully he'll learn, one thing that helps is making sure that we exercise/walk him in the morning, letting him cool down from said exercise and then feeding him.

As long as he is eating his meals we allow him to maybe have 1 treat if he's being good or if we are training, but we're careful not to spoil his meals.

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