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Friday, November 4, 2016

My Big Brindle Baby..

World's Biggest Baby Alert.

Know who is the worlds biggest baby?

This face right here...

So for starters, we have internet again!! HOORAY! Now we can catch up on all of our fun - and not so fun, adventures!

Ok, so back to Dante being a big baby. I can prove it!

Evidence #1

At this point we're pushing three weeks ago that Ziva broke another nail, her first broken nail was a few months ago and that one has since healed. But this one she broke differently, to put it into perspective and to give you a mental picture.. somehow she managed to not just break this nail, but completely bust it! Unfortunately we've dealt with this rather frequently with her - Accident Prone Puppy HERE.  I guess the one good thing though is that at this point we know how to care for broken nails, and when to call it quits and go to the vet.

It's not as bad as it looks! It's actually healing quite nicely. 

After two weeks Ziva's nail was looking really good, we were keeping it clean, soaking it nightly and changing the bandage, and we weren't allowing her to run around like a maniac. But two weeks into it the nail was still causing her some discomfort and she wasn't wanting to put much pressure on her paw. So we called our new local vet and decided to give him a try, he was recommended by one of our nice new neighbors and I always love recommendations. What a dream! Our new vet and his staff were calm, patient, and had great bedside manners with Ziva!

Let me know if you need a good Southern Oregon Veterinarian!

Of course it helps that she's a pitty princess and she knows it! She is so trusting of humans she's always been easy to work with at the vet's office.  So our new vet took a look at the nail, and she was a superstar, we ended up having her sedated to attempt to get the nail off - NOPE it's on tight! But he did clip it closer. And then he sent us home with instructions to keep up our soaking/wrapping/and light playtime. At this point we're just hoping it falls off.

Evidence #2

Ziva let us fiddle with her nail long before we brought her into the vet. And by fiddle I mean use a cotton swab to gently clean out the dirt underneath the nail - OUCH! It hurt but some patience and lots of love got the job done.

Back To The Big Baby...

We've been doing a lot of building on our new property, you can check out those fun stories on my other blog:

As we've been building we've been working really hard to maintain a clean ground and working area both for us and the dogs since they like to be involved. We pick up nails immediately after we drop them, clean up, and put away everything when we're done for the day. 

Well, somehow Dante managed to slice his metacarpal pad on his front right paw. It's a super clean slice, so it couldn't have been a nail and we've been scratching our heads ever since trying to figure out how he did it! Our best guess is that he managed to cut it open on a sharp rock because we do have a lot of those around here.

Evidence #3

You would have thought we were killing him when we tried to soak his paw! Between the yips, moans, groans, grumbles of some growling.. Lots of treats and patience later, we finally managed to soak his paw, clean it with some bactine, and bandage it up slathered in neosporin.

Poor big baby, thankfully we're onto day three and things have gotten much easier. I was even able to bandage his paw without Dz Dog Dad's help last night! #ThePowerofPositiveTraining  Lots of cooing at him, treats, rubbing his face super slowly while soaking his paw, and quiet talking we got it done no yips, yipes, grunts, or growls about it folks!

Whew! This mama is getting her first aid practice in for sure! All these injuries recently, even Dz Dog Dad had to get in on the fun and managed to slice a finger with a utility blade this week! (He's ok!)

"Maybe if I hide behind my sister mom won't notice me.."
 Wish us luck! Hopefully we'll have an injury free weekend!

Any big babies in your house?


  1. Poor Dante & Ziva! I have been having Laptop problems so I haven't been able to follow anyone, & when I could borrow someone's wifi I had to get on and off quick. 1 of our 4 dogs is a big baby. I hope you have an accident free weekend

  2. I, Murphy, had a nail pulled out . . . ripped out of my paw . . . it was crisis!!!! The pain was the worst thing ever! I cried and I am no cry baby! Oh, that is serious!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Hey DZ,
    I am Astro up here is Seattle.
    Nice to meet you.
    We saw your blog on the Christmas card exchange list.
    Wanted to come by and say Hello to you.


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